SEGA’s Unicorn Overlord, is set to take the gaming world by storm with its unique combat mechanics and compelling storyline.

Developed by ATLUS and VANILLAWARE, the tactical RPG is set to release on March 8, 2024, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X|S.

Josef's Guide to Training for Unicorn Overlord gameplay on combat mechanics
Credit: SEGA

A detailed tutorial on Unicorn Overlord gameplay has been released. The new Commander’s Guidance video “Josef’s Guide to Training” shows players how to strengthen troops.

In this video, protagonist Alain and former holy knight of the fallen Kingdom of Cornia, Josef, provide valuable insight on promotions, Sigils of the Ancients, Military Treatises, and more, allowing players to mold their armies into devastating fighting forces.

Unicorn Overlord gameplay tutorial on combat mechanics

Battle stages

The game’s battle stages are the fields of combat where allied and enemy units engage in real-time warfare. Each battle stage has victory conditions that must be fulfilled to complete it, such as defeating the enemy commander within a certain time limit.

Allied units can be deployed from any base flying a blue flag, and once deployed, use the cursor to move them across the battle stage.

Unicorn Overlord characters: All classes, companions, seiyuu
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To engage in combat, players need to select Battle from the battle menu. While in proximity, they can have two allied units swap places before engaging in battle. Upon losing a battle, the defeated unit is knocked back and enters a waiting state, granting the attacking unit First Strike.

Engaging in battle consumes stamina, and units with 0 stamina will be unable to move. Players can restore a unit’s stamina by commanding it to rest.

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Unicorn Overlord also features Hallowed Corne Ash, a tool that can be used to avert a game over when the time limit expires or your command post is claimed by the enemy.

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Each class has access to different Valor Skills, such as offensive and recovery skills, which can be activated by consuming Valor Points.

Flow of battle

During battle, units will automatically engage enemy units and use their skills according to the tactics that have been set for them.

The battle will end when all combatants are no longer able to act or when all combatants on one side have been defeated.

Unicorn Overlord unit activating active skills
Credit: SEGA

Part of Unicorn Overlord gameplay are active and passive skills. Active Skills are used when a combatant’s Initiative arrives, consuming AP, while Passive Skills trigger automatically when certain conditions are met, consuming PP.

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Set tactics determine when a character will use what skill and who they will target. Each skill can be assigned up to two conditions, with both conditions requiring to be met for the skill to be used.

Characters will use the highest skill on their Priority List with conditions that have been met, making it important to give priority to healing magic or other vital skills.

Unicorn Overlord priority list
Credit: SEGA

Unicorn Overlord takes the tactical RPG genre to the next level with its detailed combat mechanics and exciting storyline. With its release just around the corner, gamers worldwide are eagerly anticipating what is sure to be a groundbreaking gaming experience.

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