Social deduction game Among Us has given many friend groups a fun way to play out mind games, but its cartoonish and fairly easy-going aesthetic could use a visual upgrade.

A YouTuber by the name of Fat Dino managed to make this space dream into a reality in his most recent video. While things are pretty much limitless for such a simple game with a great premise, Fat Dino started small by just getting the astronaut avatars down from pictures of actual astronauts.

Once he finished the iconic colored spacesuits featured in Among Us, the YouTuber took some assets from the Unreal Engine marketplace to fully realize the Skeld in a 3D setting. While it may have taken him some time to do this to the point where he was only able to recreate half the map, his attention to detail such as the circular tables in the cafeteria truly brings Among Us into another dimension.

With the setting and avatars now done, Fat Dino’s last task was scripting the iconic tasks and actions into the game. From the garbage chute to the wire-fixing, the YouTuber had all the animations down to a tee. If you were emptying garbage, your other crewmates could even see the trash floating outside of the ship.

While the vents don’t feature the hilarious jump-in after murdering someone, Fat Dino added some incredible detail to the security room, adding glitch and fuzz in the camera footage make it even harder to distinguish the killer in critical moments.

Whether or not Fat Dino’s creation will ever make it out into the public, this could pave the way for a more high-definition space for social deduction games.

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