Wearables are very common these days and there is now an over-saturation from various electronics brands. Garmin, no stranger to this space, has gone the extra mile with its all-new esports-focused smartwatch — the Garmin Instinct Esports Edition.

A straight-up rugged smartwatch that comes with GPS and fitness tracking, this US$300 gamer variant also packs in a dedicated esports activity function that tracks and analyzes heart rates and stress levels of players. They just need to turn on this first-of-its-kind function on the Garmin Instinct and pair with the Garmin STR3AMUP! PC app to start real-time monitoring these focused biometric data.

It’s not just for gamers to track their health and fitness levels as it also can be used to broadcast these these stats on a livestream. The information that this wearable will track, includes:

  • Heart rate: This includes stat monitoring during matches and gameplays
  • Advanced sleep monitoring: Estimation of sleep-cycle of players
  • Stress tracking: Based on heart rate, stress can be monitored as well
  • Body Battery Energy: With heart rate, sleep, and stress data tracking, this feature will calculate and estimate energy levels of users
  • Sporting activities: Pre-configured profiles that feature 30+ sports types
Credit: Garmin

The PC app, when connected to a game livestream, will broadcast heart rate, stress levels, and energy levels in real time. Audiences and analysts who tune into the stream — be it a casual or a competitive event — will be able to check out these readings and understand better the physical and mental toll these players are experiencing.

With this new wearable, it will make observing competitive esports players more insightful during their matches. It will definitely change how in-game strategy works and improve player well-being management for upcoming global events.

Credit: Garmin

More details about the Garmin Instinct Esports Edition can be found here.

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