First-person shooter The Finals is introducing more mayhem with a second closed-beta test.

Embark Studios’ The Finals will enter another beta test starting June 14, which runs for a week until June 21.

Players will get to experience new weapons for every character class, as well as dress them up with new cosmetics. A new progression system will also let players choose what they want to unlock through playing.

“This test is a side-by-side comparison to our previous beta that we hosted back in March,” said Jonathan Lindsay, The Finals’ executive producer. “Most of the changes we’re introducing in this closed beta are under-the-hood type improvements, based on some of the key feedback we got from previous testing, related to performance, the through-the-gun experience, movement, and more.”

What is The Finals?

The Finals is a unique, battle-royale inspired shooter that features fully destructible, dynamic environments. And by fully, it really is fully — any wall, building, and even other players’ barricades.

Players team up in four groups of three to participate in a combat-centered game show, complete with commentators that hype up and remark on the proceedings of each game.

In maps inspired by iconic real-life locations, players win by banking money found through the map — and whether it’s by legitimately cashing out boxes, hijacking other teams, or eliminating players, anything goes as long as it’s entertaining.

You can sign up to playtest The Finals on Steam here.

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