While Riot Games might have their hands full fixing the buggy patch 1.11 at the moment, at least they gave Valorant fans something to keep buzzing about a few days earlier.

The text scattered all over the teaser image all translate to some variation of “I’m coming back,” hinting that something fans of the hit tactical shooter are already familiar with. And with this Instagram post, there’s no need for any further guessing games.

Reaver skins are returning to the game.

The Reaver bundle first appeared in Valorant during its closed beta phase. It became a fan-favorite for being the only skin line that notably changed the physical shapes and designs of the in-game weapons. However, the Reaver skin line was removed from the game when it fully launched, leaving fans clamoring for its return.

As of writing, Riot Games has still been cryptic about the exact details of the Reaver skin line’s return. Prior to today, all signs pointed to a release date around Halloween — a fitting occasion for the Reaver aesthetic — but given Riot’s current troubleshooting woes, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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