Looking to upgrade and refine your characters in One Punch Man World?

These exclusive One Punch Man World codes are your key to unlocking their potential.

One Punch Man World is an action RPG gacha game based on the popular manga and anime series One Punch Man.

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Assemble your team from a wide array of Hero Association heroes, ranging from C-Class to S-Class, to combat monsters and threats that plague the city.

One Punch Man World best settings for PC

Each character possesses unique traits, and by leveling them up, you can strengthen them to take on even greater threats.

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To give you a head start in your journey, the developers are offering redemption codes that will give you various rewards.

These rewards include EXP cards for character advancement and World Silvers, the official in-game currency.

All working One Punch Man World codes and how to redeem

How to redeem One Punch Man World codes in-game
Credit: ONE Esports

Do the following steps to redeem One Punch Man World codes:

  1. Open the game and tap the phone icon located on the upper left side of the screen.
  2. Click the gear symbol on the right to access the settings.
  3. On the settings page, tap the gift code button located on the upper right side of the screen, then input your code to redeem it.
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Once the code is successfully redeemed, a prompt will confirm your redemption, and you can claim your rewards in your in-game mail.

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OPMW20245 Level 1 EXP cards and 5000 credits
OPMWSEA10 World Silver and 1000 credits
OPMW88820 Stack of Energy and 1000 credits
OPMW66620 Stack of Energy and 1000 credits
OPMWOB20 Stack of Energy and 10 World Silver
OPMWHERO1 Level 2 EXP card and 5 Level 1 EXP cards
OPMWBOOM5 Level 1 EXP cards and 1000 credits
OPMWPC (only redeemable on the PC version)1 Regular Draw Ticket and 100 World Silver

The game is available on various platforms including the Apple App Store, Google Play, and App Gallery. Additionally, it’s available for PC and can be downloaded from their official website.

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