In the world of livestreaming, there’s a new competitor stepping up to the plate in a unique way.

Noice is a platform built around the idea of building engagement between the viewer and the creator through metagames built into the platform itself in a variety of ways.

Noice looks to bring more engagement and monetization to streamers

Noice stream
Credit: Noice

Entering its closed beta stage, Noice is letting more creators and viewers try out the platform for themselves to see what it’s all about.

Users of the platform will be able to make an avatar, design it, and have it appear around the streams they’re watching, making themselves more of an active member of the community in a virtual sense.

The company was built on the idea of building a more integrated engagement system within streaming itself.

“More than anything gamers love to play games. That’s why Noice is both a streaming platform and a multiplayer game, where you play to predict what happens to your favorite Creator in-game. Don’t just watch – Play the Stream,” the official press release stated.

The main method for this is with an in-stream competition among the viewers. The audience will either participate solo or in teams to predict things within the game the creator is playing.

The participants play cards that they earn or buy with various predictions on them. If the prediction comes to be, the players will earn points towards their position on the matches leaderboard. The idea here is that the streamer can shout out those getting their predictions right, and the team(s) or player(s) that are the best at it.

Noice Fortnite cards
Credit: Noice

This, according to Noice, will allow creators to build an even more engaged and loyal community.

“Playing the Stream arms Creators with a completely new way to engage their fans, who now watch more, lean forward to play together and support the Creator by purchasing their in-game items. On Noice the Creator gets a stronger community, one that plays together and stays together!”

In addition, Noice plans to bring in the game developers, and also believes their platform will help build further engagement with the game itself. “Gamers are actively engaged, watching and predicting the Creator, thinking about the game, learning to play better, and getting excited to play more. The more gamers engage with Creators who love your game, the more those gamers will play your game,” the company wrote.

Either way, the platform looks to shake things up and give a new way to both monetize and engage audiences for streamers of all sizes. Those interested in checking it out or getting in on the closed beta and do so here.

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