With Bethesda’s next big title, Starfield, set to launch in just a few weeks on September 6, fans are asking a lot of questions about a Starfield preload.

A preload is when a game is made available for download ahead of its actual launch date to give people the opportunity to get the game installed so there’s no waiting come release.

Starfield preload will be available at different times for Xbox and Steam

Starfield spaceship battle
Credit: Bethesda

This has become more of a common practice in recent years, helping those who don’t have fast speeds when it comes to their internet still get access when everyone else does.

Probably the only negative aspect of the recent launch of Baldur’s Gate 3 was the lack of a preload. I, for instance, know of a guy who spent over 24 hours downloading the game. This meant he didn’t get to jump in and start enjoying the title until over a day after the rest of the world.

While both Xbox and Steam will have a preload available, the dates at which they open up are nearly two weeks apart. The information came via a post on the Bethesda Game Studios official X (Twitter) account.

Starfield preloads will begin on Xbox with an August 17 date set for users to be able to start.

When it comes to Steam users, they will gain access to the Starfield preload on August 30.

Both dates give plenty of time for folks to set things up and get the download started so they can jump straight into the action come launch day.

All you need to do is to have purchased the game on either your Xbox or Steam account. From there, navigate to the games page and select to download the game after Starfield preload becomes available on its respective dates.

If you want more information about Starfield, we recommend checking out some of the trailers along with important details regarding the game in this article.

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