In the tumultuous realm of competitive gaming, where victories are hard-fought and defeats leave a lasting impact, a virtual sanctuary exists for the weary — NeverAwake.

Developed by Neotro Inc. and published by Phoenixx Inc., this nightmarish twin-stick shooter introduces you to a surreal world where everything is out to get you. 

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For intense competitive gamers, the chaotic world of NeverAwake is the ideal way to unwind after fierce ranked battles.

What is NeverAwake?

NeverAwake gameplay image taken from the game's official Steam page
Credit: Neotro Inc.
Why NeverAwake is the ultimate shoot ’em up game you need to experience

In the realm of NeverAwake, you step into the shoes of Rem, the protagonist battling an array of surreal enemies. These bizarre foes, ranging from vegetables to dentists and even school friends, serve as manifestations of Rem’s fears and dislikes. 

This shoot ’em up game won’t fine-tune your mechanics, but it offers something far more valuable — a mental reset.

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With optional stages allowing flexibility and credits to enhance Rem’s arsenal, the game is a strategic challenge that transcends mindless shooting.

More than 80 levels, tricky bosses, and an engaging narrative await those seeking respite from the relentless competitive gaming arena.

Why you need to play NeverAwake as a competitive gamer?

NeverAwake gameplay image taken from the game's official Steam page
Credit: Neotro Inc.

In NeverAwake, you can navigate the beautiful nightmare at your own pace, free from the strains of coordination and communication that plague competitive play.

Get lost in NeverAwake, a nightmare you’ll actually want to experience

As a single-player twin-stick shooter, it is a game that makes you feel in complete control. Restart stages, pause the game for a breather, and experiment with different builds and loadouts without the risk of losing precious rankings or MMR. It’s your game, your rules.

It’s also a chance to immerse yourself in the captivating soundtrack by Japanese guitarist Fumihito Uekusa.

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The eclectic mix of rock and diverse musical elements complements the game’s atmosphere, providing the perfect backdrop for battling nightmares or exploring dream worlds.

Whether you’re combating frightening foes or simply unwinding, the game’s music, with its sleep-themed tracks, offers a sonic retreat, soothing even the most stressed minds.

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So if you’re looking for a way to get a mental reset after a night of ranked intensity, let this nightmare be your refuge.

NeverAwake is currently available on Steam for US$19.99 with a 9/10 rating. The game is also available digitally for US$24.99 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox Series X.

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