The classic Command and Conquer series is back!

The legendary strategy game series is set to make a triumphant return with Command and Conquer Legions.

Legions continue the Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun story, propelling players into a deep space battleground where factions are racing to secure precious resources.

As the saga unfolds, strategic battles and alliances will take center stage, offering nostalgia and a fresh take on the popular strategy series.

Here’s an in-depth look at everything you need to know about Command and Conquer Legions, including its gameplay, release date, story, and the new characters in the series.

Command and Conquer Legions gameplay

Command & Conquer Legions gameplay
Credit: Level Infinite, EA, Yorha Studios

In the heart of Command and Conquer Legions lies a dynamic blend of strategic PVE and PVP battles. The central element is Tiberium, an otherworldly resource that holds the power to either propel technological advancement or unleash unparalleled destruction upon foes. Set on a vast, shared map connecting commanders globally, players can forge alliances, coordinate attacks, and devise intricate strategies to outsmart adversaries.

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To rule over the battlefield, commanders must seize strategic locations, harness Tiberium spikes, and deploy outposts to secure vital supply lines. Harvesting resources, constructing bases, advancing technologies, and conquering cities are pivotal steps toward claiming victory in this intergalactic conflict.

Command and Conquer Legions release date and platforms

Command & Conquer Legions key visual
Credit: Level Infinite, EA, Yorha Studios

Command and Conquer Legions will launch in 2024 on Google Play for Android devices and on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

(To be updated)

Command and Conquer Legions characters

Command & Conquer Legions character menu
Credit: Level Infinite, EA, Yorha Studios

The iconic Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the enigmatic Brotherhood of Nod (Nod) factions are back, bringing new goals and characters into the fold. The GDI, a global peacekeeping force, is entangled in a renewed conflict against the Brotherhood of Nod (NOD).

Below is the list of officers for each faction.

Sakura ObataGDI
Paul CortezGDI
Kirce JamesGDI
Kilian QatarNOD

Command and Conquer Legions story

In the aftermath of the Third Tiberium War, Command and Conquer Legions thrusts players into a universe where the Cabal launches a relentless assault with its cyborg army. However, a shadowy force looms behind the Cabal, silently observing the chaos. In the face of this unprecedented threat, the age-old adversaries, Nod and GDI, find themselves compelled to unite despite the lurking dangers of internal conflicts.

As the player assumes the role of a seasoned commander, the mission goes beyond mere survival and following orders. It’s a journey of total conquest, with the fate of humanity and Earth hanging in the balance. Prepare to navigate a path fraught with challenges, alliances, and betrayals in the relentless pursuit of victory.

Command and Conquer Legions trailer

Players can follow the Command and Conquer Legions channels on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Discord or visit Legion’s official website to learn more about the game.

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