As Milla Jovovich brings the Monster Hunter world to life on the big screen, so too will Monster Hunter World bring Milla Jovovich to your favorite gaming monitors.

Capcom has revealed that Artemis, the main protagonist in Sony’s upcoming Monster Hunter film adaptation, will appear in a new event quest for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Jovovich herself will lend her voice in the character’s in-game guest appearance.

Available to players who have reached the Master Rank, Iceborne’s new event quest will kick off on December 4, although a log-in bonus containing a limited-time item pack has been available in the game since yesterday. 

As Artemis, players will embark on a two-part quest to face off against creatures like the Black Diablos and Greater Rathalos — two of the monsters that are prominently featured in the film’s trailer.  Completing the two-part campaign will reward players with new gear, armor, titles, background, and Guild Card poses.

After Artemis’ adventure unravels in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the Monster Hunter movie will premiere in theaters in the United States on December 25.

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