The legendary Zero Hour mission has returned to Destiny 2 during the Into the Light update, offering a challenging path to the rare Outbreak Perfected pulse rifle, which is now craftable.

If the Whisper mission was fun to do, the new Zero Hour quest will surely be worth it. 

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Some players might find starting the Zero Hour mission more challenging, especially if they are new to these quests in the game.

Here’s how to start the mission in Destiny 2 as part of our Zero Hour guide.

How to start Zero Hour mission in Destiny 2 — Zero hour guide

Destiny 2 Zero Hour mission quest starting point
Credit: Ninja Pups YouTube Channel

Here are some simple steps to help you start the Zero Hour mission in Destiny 2:

  • Head to the Tower Annex, the landing zone near the Drifter.
  • Ascend the stairs and locate Ada-1, the Black Armory vendor.
  • Look for the quest titled “Asset Protection.” This is your key to Zero Hour.
  • Accept the quest and prepare for the timed mission (40 minutes on normal difficulty).
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Credit: Ninja Pups YouTube Channel

To access the mission, open your destination menu and navigate to the “Into the Light” node, which is a free DLC. In the bottom right corner, you’ll see the mission icon.

Select it to start the mission. We advise having a team for people who are new to exotic missions.

How to prepare for Zero Hour mission in Destiny 2

Zero Hour is a high-level activity. We advise you to make sure your power level is near or at the activity’s recommendation.

Pack loadouts that excel in add-clearing and boss damage. Consider grenades and supers that can handle groups of enemies effectively.

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Also, communication is key if you are going in with a team. Coordinate with your teammates for the completion of objectives and focus on specific enemies.

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