If you want to climb the ranks and conquer the Gorge, knowing how to practice in Honor of Kings is the first thing you need to know.

Mastering any multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game requires dedication, strategy, and relentless practice — and Honor of Kings is no exception.

Honor of Kings heroes Alessio, Dolia, Lam and Ying featured in Honor of Kings game modes article
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Jump into action with these Honor of Kings game modes

Thankfully, the game comes with a range of practice modes available where you can efficiently hone your skills and strategies.

This comprehensive ONE Esports guide on how to practice in Honor of Kings provides you with effective tips and strategies to enhance your gameplay.

How to practice in Honor of Kings using Practice Mode

Whether you’re a newcomer aiming to learn the basics or a player seeking to refine your gameplay, using the Practice Mode will put you on the path to victory.

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In the Practice Mode, you’ll find three more game options — Boot Camp, Solo Practice, and Simulation — each designed to help you get better in different ways.

1. Understand the basics with Boot Camp

Honor of Kings map
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Boot Camp is an introductory mode designed to help new players get acquainted with the fundamentals of Honor of Kings.

It provides step-by-step tutorials on basic game mechanics such as movement, attacking, and using abilities. This guided approach ensures you understand the core principles before diving into more complex gameplay.

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If you’re looking for ways how to practice in Honor of Kings without pressure, Boot Camp is definitely for you. You can experiment with different heroes and roles to find your preferred playstyle and hero class.

Honor of Kings features a detailed map with various lanes, jungle areas, and objectives. Boot Camp introduces players to these elements, helping them understand the importance of map awareness and strategic positioning.

2. Perfect your skills with Solo Practice

Honor of Kings hero selection screen in game
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Once you’ve grasped the basics, Solo Practice is the ideal mode to refine your skills and experiment with new tactics.

Learning how to practice in Honor of Kings using Solo Practice is crucial if you want to test different item builds and ability combinations for your favorite heroes.

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By experimenting in a controlled environment, you can determine the most effective strategies to maximize your hero’s potential.

Practicing in Solo mode also helps improve your reflexes and precision. By repeatedly engaging in combat scenarios, you’ll become more adept at landing skill shots, dodging enemy abilities, and making split-second decisions.

3. Mimick real matches in Simulation

Starting positions of heroes in Honor of Kings
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Simulation mode is the perfect bridge between practice and real matches, offering a more competitive and realistic experience.

Simulation mode pits you against AI-controlled opponents, allowing you to practice under conditions that closely resemble actual matches. This helps you apply your learned skills in a dynamic and unpredictable environment.

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Simulation mode presents various in-game scenarios, such as defending against a push or securing objectives like the Overlord and Tyrant.

Knowing how to practice in Honor of Kings using Simulation helps you become more adaptable and prepared for any situation in live matches.

By understanding how to practice in Honor of Kings and leveraging these practice modes, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a better player, one practice at a time.

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