HoYoverse has collaborated with a variety of restaurants and cafes to launch the very special Honkai Star Rail Time to Feast event.

Time to Feast! Astral Express Pit Stop is an offline Honkai Star Rail event happening worldwide where attendees can indulge in culinary offerings and obtain exclusive merchandise.

In the Philippines, HoYoverse joined forces with Mann Hann, a contemporary casual Chinese restaurant, to bring the Honkai Star Rail Time to Feast event to life.

The restaurant’s entrance welcomes Honkai Star Rail players with an inviting atmosphere. What makes it particularly appealing are the giant standees showcasing version 1.4’s new 5-star characters, Jingliu and Topaz, as well as Astral Express members Himeko and March 7th.

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Inside Mann Hann restaurant, the usual pine-colored tables have been temporarily swapped out for colorful photos featuring the event’s key visual featuring Dan Heng and March 7th.

You’ll also notice an abundance of party flags throughout the space, adorned with cute Wubbawoos, Pom-Pom, and March 7th chibis.

On both sides of the restaurant, you’ll find artwork showing various Lightcones adorning the walls. If you enjoy photography, I highly recommend securing a table in this area for some great photo opportunities.

Is it worth going to the Honkai Star Rail Time to Feast event in the Philippines?

Honkai Star Rail Time to Feast and Mann Hann Philippines event menu

Honkai Star Rail Time to Feast event menu in partnership with Mann Hann restaurant
Credit: ONE Esports
•Tenderloin Bites with Cosmic Fried Rice
•Comfort Food
•Wintermelon Milk Tea
•5 Spice Chicken Burger with Coleslaw
•Dragon’s Eye
•Fizzy Fruit Soda
•Prawn and Broccoli Pasta
•Wild Herb Soup
•Color-changing Lemonade
Wintermelon Milk TeaComfort Food
Fizzy Fruit SodaDragon’s Eye
Color-changing LemonadeWild Herb Soup
A glass of CokePork Money Bags
A glass of iced teaBreaded Shrimp

Honkai Star Rail Time to Feast event food review

Mann Hann restaurant has always been a reliable choice for satisfying my Chinese food cravings. Just for this event, they featured a special menu that included a selection of dishes not found on their regular menu.

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Opting for Set A, which included Tenderloin Bites with Cosmic Fried Rice, Comfort Food, and Wintermelon Milk Tea, seemed like the perfect choice given Mann Hann’s expertise in Chinese cuisine.

As the names suggest, these dishes are inspired by consumable items in the game.

Honkai Star Rail Time to Feast: Astral Express Pit Stop food featuring Mann Hann Set A meal
Credit: ONE Esports

The combination of Cosmic Fried Rice, a flavorful egg fried rice with chorizo sausage bits, and Tenderloin Bites, featuring garlicky, tender beef chunks, was a delicious and satisfying pairing.

Accompanied by Comfort Food, a hearty bowl of pork tenderloin soup called maki mi noodles, this set is quite filling and may take some time to savor.

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That’s not a problem, though, as you can pass the time by exploring the restaurant or checking out their merchandise while making room for more delightful food.

To conclude the meal, I indulged in a cold, sweet glass of wintermelon milk tea with tapioca pearls for a delightful dessert.

Freebies, merchandise, and fun activities for all Trailblazers

In addition to enjoying delicious food, you’ll receive a complimentary holographic ticket featuring artwork of either March 7th or Dan Heng. These tickets come with redemption codes for in-game items.

View the full list of in-game items you can get from the Honkai Star Rail Time to Feast event here.

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On weekends, you’ll have the chance to win an acrylic collaboration stand and, regardless of the day, a Pom-Pom pin badge through a lucky draw.

Weekends, referred to as “Themed Days,” bring exciting and mysterious activities to the store, allowing Trailblazers to participate in special events and experiences.

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For those who would like to make merchandise purchases, they will be rewarded with a limited edition headband, a postcard, and a Wubbaboo balloon.

Honkai Star Rail Time to Feast: Astral Express Pit Stop merchandise and paperbag
Credit: ONE Esports

Honkai Star Rail Time to Feast event in the Philippines

Location: Mann Hann Restaurant, 3rd Floor, Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Philippines
Dates: October 11 to November 14
Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

For more information, visit the Honkai Star Rail Time to Feast web page.

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