It all started with a single question.

On October 20, United States congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez asked on Twitter if anyone would like to play Among Us with her to encourage people to vote.

Many well-known streamers replied, and her channel was set up overnight.

The next day, AOC debuted on Twitch playing Among Us with fellow congresswoman Ilhan Omar, Offline TV’s pokimane, Disguised Toast, TSM Myth, hasanabi, and more.

The three and a half hour stream peaked at almost half a million viewers and broke records. It is now the third-highest number of concurrent viewers ever on an individual’s Twitch stream. The VOD has since garnered more than 5.1 million total views, with AOC accumulating over 639,000 followers.

AOC looked natural as a streamer. She reacted to what was going on in-game, gasped quite a lot, and even added snarky remarks about how illogical this “futuristic spaceship” used gasoline.

And of course, she jumped onto the ‘Toast is always sus” train.

It was especially funny when poki got killed by AOC, and vice versa, and when the round involved the two congresswomen as Imposters.

Poki didn’t seem to mind getting killed by AOC:

AOC is not new to video games. She previously made headlines when she wrote that she had hit ranked Silver III in League of Legends during quarantine.

Is there anything this congresswoman can’t do?

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