In celebration of the iconic Gundam franchise’s 45th Anniversary, Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia announced the Gundam Breaker 4 Collector’s Edition.

The CE includes a Limited Edition Gunbarrel Strike Gundam (Gundam Breaker version), a prized collectible that hardcore Gundam model builders would proudly display on their shelves. 

Gundam Breaker 4 gameplay image from Bandai Namco
Credit: Bandai Namco

As part of this milestone celebration, Bandai Namco announced on February 22, 2024 that they were reviving the beloved series, known for its blend of action-packed gameplay and iconic Gundam model building.

Here is everything you need to know about Gundam Breaker 4.

What is Gunpla?

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Gunpla, short for “Gundam Plastic models” or “Gundam Plamo,” refers to model kits created by Bandai that depict the mecha machinery and characters from the fictional Gundam series.

The term comes from the phrase “Gundam plastic model” because these kits are primarily made of plastic.

These kits gained popularity among mecha anime fans and model enthusiasts in Japan and neighboring Asian countries starting in the 1980s. In the 1990s, Gundam modeling became more widespread in North America and Europe through television and manga.

What is Gundam Breaker 4?

Gundam Breaker 4 build and assemble menu
Credit: Bandai Namco

In Gundam Breaker 4, players can now wield two different weapons, enabling them to create unique combos as they search for the best parts to build their perfect Gunpla.

Players can access a robust mecha garage between battles to customize their creations with new parts, paint, decals, and weathering.

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Once players have finished building their Gundam, they can bring it into a wide variety of offline and online missions. These missions range from taking down bosses to facing off against hordes of enemy mecha, offering opportunities to acquire new parts and equip new skills.

A standout feature unique to Gundam Breaker 4 is the introduction of diorama mode. Here, players can construct elaborate scenarios using a variety of backgrounds, environmental elements, and special effects. They can then pose their creations in highly articulate models to capture the perfect scene.

Gundam Breaker 4 release date and platforms

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Gundam Breaker 4 is scheduled for release in 2024 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.

Gundam Breaker 4 Collector’s Edition

Gundam Breaker 4 Collector's Edition
Credit: Bandai Namco

The centerpiece of the Gundam Breaker 4 Collector’s Edition is the limited edition Gunbarrel Strike Gundam, a coveted addition for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

In addition to the exclusive Gunpla, the Collector’s Edition includes the base game, providing players with the full Gundam Breaker 4 experience. Fans also receive a digital soundtrack and steel book cover.

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Furthermore, those who opt for the Collector’s Edition will enjoy additional in-game perks. They will receive an early unlock for the Gundam Recirculation Color, allowing for personalized customization of their Gunpla.

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Credit: Bandai Hobby, Bandai Namco
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Additionally, players will receive six Builder parts, which will give them a head start in assembling and customizing their Gundam creations.

  • Limited edition Gunpla: Gunbarrel Strike Gundam
  • Base game
  • Digital soundtrack
  • Steelbook casing
  • Early unlock for Gundam Recirculation Color
  • Six Builder parts for customizing Gundams

Gundam Breaker 4 trailer

For the latest news about the game, visit Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia‘s website.

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