ONE Esports acquired a special holotape for Fallout 76 through an exclusive interview with Jonathan Rush, the Art Director at Bethesda Game Studios.

We received news on the upcoming developments for Fallout 76 Atlantic City, detailing what players can expect in the upcoming expansion and offering glimpses into potential challenges they might face down the line.

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Discover the development team’s strategic planning and visionary direction, shaping the post-apocalyptic landscape of the Fallout universe.

What Fallout 76 fans can expect moving forward

Fallout 76 in-game image from Bethesda
Credit: Bethesda

Jonathan Rush initiated our journey with a detailed glimpse into the highly anticipated America’s Playground update. 

“The immediate curb appeal of ‘Atlantic City’ as a concept was very apparent,” Rush told ONE Esports. “Just saying ‘Atlantic City’ immediately brings out ideas of what that could be when coupled with the post-apocalyptic tone of Fallout.”

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Within this expansive addition, players can anticipate encounters with new creatures, injecting a layer of unpredictability into the familiar Appalachian wasteland.

Fallout 76 in-game image from Bethesda
Credit: Bethesda

“Players who choose to explore these areas outside of the missions will get to experience what life is like in Atlantic City when the locals aren’t staying clear of ‘The Most Sensational Game’ or what the action is like at ‘The Neapolitan’ when it’s not overrun with greedy tax hounds,” said Rush.

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Furthermore, he unveils significant locations within Atlantic City, granting players the freedom to explore beyond the confines of conventional missions. 

Transitioning seamlessly, we delve into the live evolution of Fallout 76, guided by Rush’s insights into Bethesda’s meticulous planning and commitment to player-driven development.

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“Working on a live service game is very rewarding — there are several outlets that enable us to get regular input from our avid players,” Rush said. “Bethesda Games has the best community, and we take all feedback to heart when planning future content beats.” 

As the game brings in more players, Rush teases what’s next for Fallout 76 fans about the next expansion.

Fallout 76 in-game image from Bethesda
Credit: Bethesda

“These new spaces are awesome, and we’ll be introducing more ways to play through them with your friends very soon,” said Rush. “After five years of constant nuclear bombardment, Appalachia may be mutating…”

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According to Rush, Bethesda aims beyond mere spaces, envisioning new dimensions to enhance the Fallout experience, especially when shared with friends.

Bethesda’s pledge to player input extends beyond mere spaces, promising new dimensions to the Fallout experience when shared with friends.

You can watch Fallout 76’s Atlantic City Boardwalk Paradise trailer below.

You can go to Bethesda’s website for more information.

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