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Asmongold took a deep dive into Diablo 4 via the open beta, and he has some strong feelings about it.

The highly anticipated game’s second beta weekend was open for all to experience and came with two new classes in the form of the Druid and Necromancer.

The beta was only open to those who had pre-ordered or received access through one of the game’s referral programs.

Asmongold’s experience with the Druid didn’t leave him happy

Diablo 4's class selection screen
Credit: Activision Blizzard

During one of the popular Twitch streamer’s broadcasts, he decided to give the Druid a try. Unfortunately, the interesting class didn’t quite live up to what he’d hoped for.

During his play testing, he was taking on the Blood Bishop, an end-of-dungeon boss in the Pillar of the Eternal Bond, and it wasn’t happening as quickly as it had on other classes. When he was finally done with the fight, he couldn’t help but release some frustrations regarding the class.

“This character is f**king horrible, it is so bad. This is the worst class so far that I have played,” he exclaimed during the stream. “I’m auto-attacking just so I can have enough f**king energy to use one spell.”

Ultimately, there’s been a large consensus in the game’s already diehard community, that the melee classes are not playing quite as well as the ranged classes in the beta.

It is worth mentioning, however, that the beta only allows characters to reach level 25, and therefore it could be that the melee classes simply start off a bit slow and speed up later down the line.

In the same vein, ranged classes may taper off later in the game. It’s hard to gauge exactly how things will play out until we get the full game in our hands. Unfortunately, that is still two months away.

As of now, there is no other announced beta test and players may not get another look until the launch in June.

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