The top eight teams for playoffs have been decided after a brutal group stage at the Pokémon UNITE World Championships in Yokohama.

28 teams from 11 regions across the world travelled to Japan to compete in the prestigious Pokémon UNITE World Championships 2023.

Teams were randomly drawn into one of eight groups for the day one group stage and the team to earn the most points in their respective groups would qualify for the playoff stage on day two.

Over half the teams qualified for playoffs are from the Asia Pokémon UNITE scene

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Concluding the day one group stage, Pokémon UNITE teams from Asia occupied five out of eight playoff slots.

The teams qualified for the day two playoffs are:

  • Orangutan (APAC East)
  • 00 Nation (Brazil)
  • Akjil (Korea)
  • Mjk (Japan)
  • OMO Abyssinian (APAC East)
  • Luminosity Gaming (North America)
  • Oyasumi Macro (Japan)

Asia’s classic aggressive playstyle was the recipe for their success

Many fans were surprised by how well teams from these Asia regions were performing this year. The results from the group stage showed that the region is highly competitive. On average, teams from Asia were finishing top two in their groups.

The aggressive playstyle from this region is a big reason why these teams had so much success. Particularly around the main objectives like Rayquaza, players from Asia showed a lot of emphasis on team fight execution. A coordinated battle is much easier to manage compared to a scrappy fight.

With only a day to prepare for the playoffs, how will the other regions adapt to this signature aggression?

Make sure to catch the playoffs live on August 12 on YouTubeFacebook, or Twitch.

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