Known throughout Asia as one of the best Pokémon UNITE team’s around, Orangutan have set their sights on proving to the world that they will be one of the biggest threats at the Pokémon UNITE World Championships.

Orangutan is one of the most talked about teams in Asia and the entire Pokémon UNITE competitive scene. This highly decorated roster has earned the respect of many in Asia and are poised to turn heads internationally as they compete in the Pokémon UNITE World Championships this August.

This isn’t the first time Orangutan have played offline tournaments

Unlike many other teams competing in the Pokémon UNITE World Championships, Orangutan have experience playing in an offline environment; the Pokémon UNITE Winter Tournament in Tokyo and Pokémon UNITE Asia Champions League in Malaysia.

Tay “Ice” Leong Jie, is confident Orangutan will do well this year.

“We are very excited to play at the Pokémon UNITE World Championships. We feel like we will do well as we have thoroughly prepared for the tournament. Although we weren’t expecting to get second place at the Regional Finals even after a lot of preparation, we will make sure that it won’t happen again.”

The Pokémon UNITE World Championships will be the team’s biggest challenge yet.

Teams that Orangutan are looking forward to playing against

Given that the next stage is the World Championships, it is obvious that the next roster of teams that Orangutan will be playing against would not be limited to teams just from Asia anymore.

When asked which team they’re most looking forward to playing against, “We’re actually looking out for おやすみマクロ (Oyasumi Macro), especially since they beat Hi5 (Orangutan’s former name) last Winter Tournament Final 2023, so we really want to have a runback — but in all honesty, any team coming from Japan is definitely going to be a threat.”

Their enthusiasm didn’t end with Asia. Of course, who wouldn’t want to best the best-known team in the world, right?

“We’re excited to go against everyone because we want to finally end the East vs. West debate, but if we are to choose one team then that will have to be Talibobo Believers from Europe as they’re currently known as the best team in the world”

As a final thought, Ice left us with this, “Our form as a team right now is just alright, though there are a lot of things that left us unsatisfied. That’s the thing about being a competitor — there’s always someone chasing you, better than you, you can’t be satisfied ever. Our form at the moment is not that great, at least not where I want it to be, so I hope we can change that in the next few weeks.”

hi5 win the pokemon unite asia champions league
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As of now, Orangutan’s biggest achievement is first place at the Pokémon UNITE Asia Champions League. Will they be able to top it off and win the Pokémon UNITE World Championships? It’s something to look forward to.

The Pokémon World Championships will be the culminating event for all competitive Pokémon series, including Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the trading card game, Pokémon GO, and of course, Pokémon UNITE. It will be held August 11 to 13 in Yokohama, Japan, the first time the World Championships will be held in the country.

Make sure to catch all Orangutan’s games live August 11 and 12 on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch.

Stay up to date with Orangutan’s Pokémon UNITE journey through their team’s Twitter or Instagram.

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