You’ve joined a brand-new Pokémon UNITE team just two weeks shy from the first regional qualifier, and no one wants to practice with you because you’re a nobody.

Yet, two months later you and your teammates would be one of three teams to represent your region at the Pokémon UNITE World Championships.

KUMU, formerly known as Old Guys, have been there and they’ve done just that.

Troubled times for this bunch of Old Guys

Old Guys is a Philippines-based team made up of new and old esport veterans. Prior to Pokémon UNITE, the players independently bounced between numerous competitive games and thus built up plenty of competitive skills and experience along the way.

The roster for Pokémon UNITE didn’t fully form until two weeks before the first regional qualifier, the May tournament. Whilst finding a fifth, the team was training with their manager as an active player.

The final roster consists:

  • Lawrence “RBX” Gatmaitan
  • Lance “Lance” David
  • Robert “Sync1” Mempin
  • Guil “WeyhaM” Mayhew
  • Ducke “Thorfinn” Leoncio
  • Richard “Counter” Teodosio (Coach)
  • Albert “Berty” Camp (Manager)

Finding the final player before the entry cut off was one thing, but finding training partners was a whole other issue for Old Guys. Nobody was accepting their scrim invitations because no one knew who or where this team came from.

Yet somehow during the May qualifier, with only two weeks of practice almost exclusively on ladder, Old Guys bested one of the most respected team’s from APAC East in the grand final and secured their seat in the regional final in June.

Who exactly are these guys?

They aren’t just a random bunch of guys playing Pokemon UNITE

KUMU Pokémon UNITE roster for Pokémon UNITE World Championships 2023
Credit: KUMU

Made up of students and fathers, the players of Old Guys have strong backgrounds in esports that many could only dream of.

Pokémon UNITE wasn’t the first esport title these players have taken seriously. A few of the players have played under various esports teams for other esports titles in the past, going as far as representing the Philippines at several International tournaments.

Their experience in the esports world also impacted how the team chose to build their roster for Pokémon UNITE. Above all, the team valued players who had a good attitude when it came to feedback and training. Hard work and fun became the core value for Old Guys, and it paid off when it was time to play at the regional final.

KUMU and the Pokémon UNITE World Championships

The team finished third during the APAC East regional final and secured their ticket for the Pokémon UNITE World Championships in Yokohama.

Even with such great accomplishments in a short span of time, those outside of Asia weren’t convinced this team would cut it at the World Championships. KUMU on the other hand did and signed on the Old Guys roster ahead of the tournament.

Though not respected very much outside the region, KUMU are motivated to change some minds come day one of the World Championships. This isn’t the first time they’ve had to prepare for a tournament, but it will be the first time they play against teams outside the Asia region.

Can they make it out of the group stage and into day two?

The Pokémon World Championships will be the culminating event for all competitive Pokémon series, including Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the trading card game, Pokémon GO, and of course, Pokémon UNITE.

It will be held August 11 to 13 in Yokohama, Japan, the first time the World Championships will be held in the country.

Make sure to catch all the games live August 11 and 12 on YouTubeFacebook, or Twitch.

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