Fortnite’s latest weekly update marks the addition of a new NPC known as Solid Snake. Some of you may already be familiar with him as he is the protagonist of the popular Metal Gear series. 

Given the popularity and what he can provide in-game, if you are asking where is Solid Snake in Fortnite, we have you covered.

As is tradition, you can find the Solid Snake Fortnite crossover on the island as long as the Metal Gear Solid crossover is underway. However, the game doesn’t mention the exact Solid Snake location, which is why we’ve got you covered with this guide so you can track him down in Fortnite.

We have the answer to where is Solid Snake in Fortnite

Solid snake location Fortnite
Screenshot by Tarun Sayal / ONE Esports

The Solid Snake location is on a small island north of Lavish Lair and northeast of Rebel’s Roost, a new POI in Fortnite Chapter 5. The exact location is marked in the image above for your convenience. 

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He roams around the island, so you’ll have to search the area to find the exact Solid Snake location. When the character is nearby, you’ll see a white icon on your screen indicating his exact location. This should answer the where is Solid Snake in Fortnite question for you.

What items does the Solid Snake Fortnite NPC sell?

Solid Snake NPC Fortnite
Screenshot by Tarun Sayal / ONE Esports

You can buy the following items from Solid Snake NPC:

  • EMP Stealth Camo (100 Gold Bars): It’s a mythical item that makes your character invisible for a short time. However, it’s important to note that you can’t attack while the EMP Stealth Camo is active.
  • Cardboard Box (100 Gold Bars): It’s a common item that allows your character to hide in a Cardboard Box to blend in with the environment.

You also have the option to recruit the NPC as your companion, offering support during battles by providing supplies and cover fire. Finally, you will receive the Solid Snake skin as a reward upon completing Snake’s quests. However, it’s worth noting that you must have the Battle Pass subscription, and the quests will be accessible until March 8.

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