Introducing new areas to explore in the ongoing Marvel x Fortnite cross-over — Nexus War — has always been in the pipeline.

After launching the ongoing Season 4 with three new zones — Doom’s Domain, the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier, and Sentinel’s Graveyard — the newest battlefield to open its doors is Stark Industries.

Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games

The new zone, which replaces Frenzy Farm, is part of the aptly named “Stark Industries Update”.

The high-tech facility is a massive space that is filled with many Stark weaponry and machinery. Gamers can explore this sprawling complex and the adjacent grounds around it and gather loot that is scattered around, and will take on Iron Man in a Boss Battle.

Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games

Iron Man is hardy but not too tough to beat. Just be careful when he fires the Unibeam as that is a one-shot kill for any player. Here are a few tips to follow:

  • The Scarlet Avenger is always on the first floor of the main building and will start attacking with his Repulsors — make sure to dodge them, avoid further attacks from him and his Stark Robots, and head out and over to the third floor balcony that looks right into the main lobby and workshop.
  • He can also be found on the second floor at the computer lounge area so be careful. Once discovered, just escape and head to the same lookout on the third floor.
  • Start sniping Iron Man’s head until he’s knocked out and drops three loot items — the Repulsor Gauntlets; Fortnite’s newest Mythic Weapon, the Unibeam; and the Stark Vault Keycard.
  • Head over to the helipad area where a smaller structure can be found on the Stark Industries grounds. Inside is the Stark Vault and, when opened, contains a ton of loot and bonuses.
  • Win/restart and repeat two times to finish the “Iron Man Challenge”.

The vehicles parked in and around Stark Industries can be used too. These include the:

  • One sports car, which comes in Iron Man’s colors, parked in front of the main building’s lobby.
  • Two more supercars, both donning the same red and yellow hues, inside the garage — these two and the other automobile have faster top-speeds than regular vehicles.
  • A helicopter that is on stand-by at the heliport.

It’s not all fun and games for this update as a new enemy unit enters the fray — the Gatherer Drone. A secondary unit that deploys from the larger Gorger unit, the Drone can collect loot as well. This will lower the chances for players to get the stuff they want. Attacking and defeating these Drones will convert them into collectables and, at the same time, a highly volatile explosive that can be used to damage other drones or the Gorger.

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Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games

Stark Robots, while not as deadly as the Gatherer, are a lethal threat when they attack in groups. To fulfil the “Hack five robots at Stark Industries”, just do the following:

  • Stealthily take out one Stark Robot but be careful to not destroy it.
  • Follow the instructions on hacking the robot and then use it as a battle ally to do the same with the other four robots.
  • Take note that only three robots can be hacked at any one time.
  • Hack two more and get the trio to take-out another pair to start the hacking process again.

A new battle option is included as well. Called “Marvel Knockout!”, it is a spin on Operation: Knockout. Like the original, it’s an event that will pit super-powered teams to determine who can climb up the tournament bracket.

Fortnite and its new Marvel-powered Chapter 2, Season 4 Battle Pass is only available for Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and the PC via Epic Games launcher. Only mobile gamers on Google Android can still access this new update via side-loading.

For more details on Fortnite Season 4: Nexus War, head on over to Epic Games’ specially-made Nexus War microsite.

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