Epic Games has unveiled another teaser for Season 10 of Fortnite: Battle Royale, this time depicting what could be one of the new skins for the battle pass alongside an old favorite.

The skin seen on the right side of the teaser image is almost certainly Drift, which was the tier-1 skin back in Season 5. Meanwhile, the one on the left may be the tier-1 skin for Season 10 due to its juxtaposition with Drift in the image.

The teaser’s caption, which reads “Twist Time,” might have something to do with time travel, and there’s already some evidence pointing towards that.

A post on the Fortnite subreddit has pointed out that some of the trees around Loot Lake, where the Singularity is notably located, have been turning yellow in contrast to all the others in the area that are a lush green in color.

It was also pointed out that yellow trees in the area were much common before when Anarchy Acres was still around. This phenomenon of some areas in the map reverting to their state from previous seasons ultimately led to the assumption that Season 10’s theme will somehow be related to time travel.

This falls in line with what Epic has been building up in Season 10’s teasers too, with the first one telling players to “think back” with an image of Dusty Depot, and the second one telling them to “look forward” with an image of a futuristic-looking mech. With time travel in the mix, past and present are bound to get twisted together, hence the latest teaser’s caption.

While no one is really sure about what will come with Fortnite Season 10, we won’t have to wait long to find out as the update is slated to release on August 1. While Epic has not yet released the schedule for the downtime on the update, it will likely be at 4 a.m. ET as in previous seasons.

Until then, let’s prepare for some twisted times ahead.

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