Over the years, Fortnite has evolved from just a distinctive battle royale into a veritable virtual social experience. In recent months, the game has hosted multiple events and gimmicks that take advantage of this quality, from staging virtual concerts to screening full-length movies in-game.

Now, Fortnite has added a new feature that allows players to connect with their friends better. Integrating the Houseparty app into the game, Epic Games now allows Fortnite players to hold video chats while playing.

To make Houseparty work on Fortnite, players need to have an Android or iOS device with the Houseparty mobile app installed. Players then just need to link their Epic Games and Houseparty accounts. 

Houseparty automatically crops the video chat image around the players’ faces to protect their privacy and security. A Fortnite-themed virtual background is generated instead to hide everything else captured by the camera. The app will only show the background in case the player moves off-camera at any point during the video chat.

Parents can also deactivate the feature under the game’s Parental Controls.

For now, only a limited audience can use the new feature. Fortnite x Houseparty is initially available on PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. Support for other platforms seems up in the air at this point, with Epic Games using “if” instead of “when” in their official response to whether the feature will be integrated on other platforms.

Screenshot by Jason Marges/ONE Esports

To promote the new feature, Epic Games is rewarding players who link their accounts with a free Rainbow Frog Wrap. 

For those who are playing Fortnite on platforms other than a PC, PS5, or PS4, the developer is offering another way to earn the item. Players just need to play five matches with their friends between November 20, 1:00 p.m. GMT+8 and November 27, 12:59 p.m. GMT+8 to receive the Rainbow Frog Wrap.

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