Following the massive success of last weekend’s Fortnite World Cup, Epic Games is making sure that the momentum for competitive Fortnite continues through the rest of the year and beyond.

The Fortnite Champion Series is all set to debut on August 17 with its inaugural Season X. It will kick off with an online Trios qualifier in August, with the top teams for each server region facing off on September 20-22 to crown the regional Season X Champions.

The new in-game tournament format will introduce a persistent leaderboard that will allow players to track their progress towards becoming the Seasonal Champion in their server region.

The Trios format for the inaugural Fortnite Champion Series is a first for competitive Fortnite. Previous Fortnite tournaments, including the World Cup, were typically split between Solo and Duo competitions.

With the launch of the Fortnite Champion Series, players can compete consistently in smaller, single-day tournaments called Solo Cash Cups and Trios Cash Cups.

Solo Cash Cups are scheduled for Wednesdays and Thursdays starting August 21. The Wednesday Cup is open to players from Contender level and up in Arena. The Thursday Cup is exclusive to players who have reached Champion status.

Trios Cash Cups will happen every Friday starting August 23.

Epic Games first announced its post-World Cup plans for Fortnite esports during the event’s Solo Finals, saying that “millions of dollars” are on the line throughout the new series. While Epic has yet to reveal the total purse for the Fortnite Champion Series, the studio said that each event will have a dedicated prize pool.

Epic also teased another upcoming tournament series called Fortnite Spotlight, which will showcase events spearheaded by members of the Fortnite content creator community.

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