In a thrilling Fortnite showmatch, renowned actress Megan Fox and musician DJ Khaled showed everyone their competitive gaming side at the LG OLED Ultimate Gaming Showdown.

The two American icons played the battle royale game, Fortnite, with Evil Geniuses coaches Justin “FearItSelf” Kats and Wilton “Zews” Prado by their side.

At one point, Megan Fox’s partner and rap artiste Machine Gun Kelly made a surprise appearance during the stream to distract the love of his life.

Fortnite, Megan Fox, DJ Khaled, LG OLED Ultimate Gaming Showdown
Credit: Evil Geniuses

The celebrity Fortnite showdown was played on a point-basis, with Megan Fox, DJ Khaled, and their respective coaches earning points based on their performance:

  • Elimination – 3 points
  • Revival – 2 points
  • Knockdown – 1 point
  • Victory Royale – 10 points

A total of three 20-minute rounds were played by Megan Fox and DJ Khaled, where the points doubled on the last round.

Here are the three best plays we caught at this epic Fortnite showdown:

3. Pro move by Megan Fox

Megan Fox showed off some pro-level moves after pulling off this impressive maneuver against one of their opponents.

Using her Primal Shotgun, Fox charged straight into the enemy, taking him down in close range.

2. FearItself protects DJ Khaled at all costs

In one swift move, Evil Geniuses streamer FearItself managed to save DJ Khaled from danger.

FearItself got inside a car and pulled up near Khaled, who was being bombarded by bullets. In the nick of time, with only a pixel of HP left, DJ Khaled got inside the vehicle while FearItself got out to defend his teammate’s life.

1. Team Megan Fox wins the Fortnite showdown

With an astounding 210 points, Fox took the sweet victory against Khaled after an hour’s worth of looting, reviving, and eliminating enemies in Fortnite. DJ Khaled was just a little bit behind at 189 points.

The competition ended on a good note, with the American DJ even telling Fox that she’s now a part of his family. Khaled even invited Megan Fox and her partner Machine Gun Kelly to go yachting in Miami.

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