Actress and model Megan Fox, and producer and performer DJ Khaled are going against each other in the name of Fortnite.

The two American personalities will be facing off against each other at the LG OLED Ultimate Gaming Showdown by playing an hour and a half worth of Fortnite games.

Megan Fox and DJ Khaled will be getting some help from professional esports organization, Evil Geniuses, to guide them during their matches. Megan Fox will be coached by streamer Justin “FearItSelf” Kats while DJ Khaled will be joined by EG’s Counter-Strike coach Wilton “Zews” Prado.

Megan Fox, Fortnite, DJ Khaled, LG OLED
Credit: LG

The matchup will be streamed live on Evil Geniuses’ Twitch channel on May 13, 8:00 a.m. GMT+8.

“This time I’m playing against DJ Khaled,” said Megan Fox. “And I’m gonna crush him.”

Megan Fox is quite the gamer

Fortnite, Megan Fox, LG OLED Ultimate Gaming Showdown
Credit: Megan Fox

Unknown to many, Megan Fox has spent a lot of years playing video games. She is also the face of some of our favorite titles, like MMORPG Black Desert.

Fox’s boyfriend, rapper and musician Machine Gun Kelly, recently bought a gaming console for them to play. One of the first things that they picked up was fighting game Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate.

“We got the latest Mortal Kombat, we downloaded it, and I crushed him,” said Fox in an interview with People. “Like, destroyed him every time we fought. We did, like, 40 something matches, and I absolutely destroyed him every time.”

DJ Khaled has his own video game

Fortnite, DJ Khaled, LG OLED Ultimate Gaming Showdown
Credit: DJ Khaled

Aside from his epic collaborations with Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and other artistes, how would you know if you already made it? If you have your very own video game!

DJ Khaled’s “Secure the Bag” is a retro-style mini-game that features the musician fighting enemies throughout different timelines. It was a part of the promotion for the Timberland x DJ Khaled boot collection ,which launched in 2017.

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