Team Secret’s Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat is one of the best position 4 support players in all of Dota 2. With the release of Dawnbreaker, YapzOr has shown us that she’s more than just an offlane or midlane pick during a pub game.

From her item choices, to ability builds, and map movement, we now know how you can earn more wins using Dawnbreaker as a support hero.

Item Build

Starting Items

YapzOr picked up a set of Tangos as his healing item, and used up the majority of his starting gold by purchasing Boots of Speed. By giving Dawnbreaker improved movespeed, she will be able to harass enemy heroes and make quicker rotations to other lanes.

Next, YapzOr purchased a Soul Ring which helped him remain active around the map. It is a crucial item that will allow Dawnbreaker to use both her Starbreaker and Celestial Hammer without having to worry about depleting the player’s mana. The Soul Ring will also help you farm neutral creeps when you’re rotating between lanes.

Upgrading your Boots of Speed to Tranquil Boots makes Dawnbreaker more of a threat. Tranquil Boots paired with a Soul Ring has always been a potent combo in Dota. Dawnbreaker will be more active around the map because of the improved move speed and health regen.

Natural items

YapzOr stuck with the Trusty Shovel for the majority of the game as he tried to secure more bounty runes for his team. He then switched to the Bullwhip at the 19-minute mark to give his teammates more movement speed during fights.

Mid-game Items

After acquiring his early game items, YapzOr began building his Guardian Greaves. First, he completed a Mechanism. With a support hero, you’ll always want to be part of the action. With the Mechanism and Arcane Boots, you’ll be able to sustain your team and increase your chances of winning team fights.

Late-game Items

While YapzOr’s game ended in a win at the 24-minute mark, he was already preparing to build his next item which was either going to be a Lotus Orb or Shiva’s Guard. Both of these defensive items are great choices for Dawnbreaker because it makes her even more tanky. At the same time, they’re items that have high impact potential during clashes.

Ability Build 

You’ll need to keep in mind that Dawnbreaker’s early game mana pool isn’t terrible. She has 26 strength, 20, agility, and 20 intelligence, which means she’s quite balanced. But, because of YapzOr’s item build, he was able to maximize her abilities.

YapzOr’s first and primary ability was the Starbreaker. He used the ability to zone out enemy heroes during the laning phase. The skill gives you the advantage when it comes to trading normal attacks. If the enemy heroes decide to duke it out with Dawnbreaker, just use your Starbreaker to get the life lead.

Next, he skilled the Celestial Hammer as his secondary. This ability helped YapzOr apply more pressure to enemy heroes. By having Starbreaker and Celestial Hammer, YapzOr was a real threat to enemy heroes during early game skirmishes.

YapzOr then picked up his Solar Guardian ultimate at level 6. Dawnbreaker’s ultimate is her strongest support ability because of its global range. When executed properly, Solar Guardian will heal teammates and stun opponents, which could turn the tides in a difficult team fight.

Tips to remember

As one of the best position 4 support players in the world, YapzOr is always looking to anticipate which lanes or teammates will need assistance. He’s quick to react and even waits in key locations before a gank attempt happens. By having Dawnbreaker’s Starbreaker and Celestial Hammer ready to go, YapzOr was able to dissuade the enemy team from attempting tower dives on core heroes.

As the team’s roamer, YapzOr was always mindful of the game timer, as he collected as many bounty runes for his team. Whenever he made his map rotations, YapzOr also used his Celestial Hammer to farm neutral creeps whenever he could. Securing farm as a position 4 support is always a bonus, and his farm went straight to support items for his team.

Yapzor’s stats with Dawnbreaker

  • KDA: 6/3/11 
  • Networth: 10k
  • GPM/XPM: 438/523

You should definitely try using Dawnbreaker as a support hero

Dawnbreaker is actually a viable pos4 support because of her versatility. YapzOr showed us that the newest hero is capable of putting pressure on whichever lane she is on. Her stuns aren’t always going to be consistent, but they’re still a real threat to the enemy team. And, because she has more health and armor than your normal support heroes, it takes a lot out of the enemy team to take her down.

Watch Yapzor’s full position 4 support Dawnbreaker here.

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