The International 9’s regional qualifiers just wrapped up and there are plenty of insane moments. Here are the best highlights from the two-week long competition.

Team Jinesbrus’ 23savage Aghanim’s Scepter Morphling (SEA Open Qualifier)

As soon as Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon got his Aghanim’s Scepter on his Morphling, he immediately looked for Team Adroit’s heroes, and abused his Morph ability by copying Earthshaker and spamming Enchant Totem to inflict insane amounts of damage.

Team Jinesbrus’ 23savage Aghanim’s Scepter Morphling again (SEA Open Qualifier)

23savage was able to pull off this broken Morphling mechanic earlier, and EVOS Esports too had no answers for this broken strategy. Their own fountain couldn’t even save them.

It’s so broken Valve had to fix it before TI9.

Evil Corporation’s Tanner jumps to the enemy fountain (European Open Qualifier)

Evil Corporation had a 43,000 gold lead against Ad Finem and Jason “Meepor” Weedon, aka “Tanner”, decided to Ball Lightning himself from the Dire fountain, all the way to the Radiant fountain, and use his Boots of Travel mid-zip. As a result, he ended up casually killing the enemy’s Shadow Shaman.

EVOS Esports lands the 5-man Vacuum Wall (SEA Open Qualifier)

Adit “Aville” Rosenda’s Darkseer blinked into the enemy team and landed a beautiful 5-man Vacuum Wall combo on top of Kunkka’s Torrent.

Reality Rift’s Alacrity with the Ghost Walk play (SEA Open Qualifier)

During Reality Rift’s match against Resurgence, Vincent “AlaCrity” Yoong was able to dodge a Mist Coil from Abaddon, which would’ve denied Invoker the kill, but right before the spell was cast, AlaCrity was able to go into Ghost Walk form. Resurgence’s Abaddon acknowledged the heads-up play by tipping AlaCrity.

Pain Gaming’s hFn makes the perfect Infest play (SA Closed Qualifiers)

In the grand finals of South America’s regional qualifier, Pain Gaming started the series with an insane play from William “hFn” Medeiros. After getting hit by Doom’s ultimate, hFn was able to get enough right-click attacks to keep himself alive, and thanks to Enigma’s timely Black Hole, he was able to get enough space to cast Infest, which won them the exchange..

Vega Squadron’s xannii Gyrocopter wins a base-race (CIS Closed Qualifier)

Team Spirit was moments away from winning the game; they had already destroyed all the buildings in the Dire base, which was being overrun by Mega Creeps.

But Arslan “xannii” Shadjanov’ knew all was not lost. With three Divine Rapiers on his Gyrocopter, he stormed through the Radiant base and immediately went for the Radiant Ancient. He was almost taken down by Ilya “Illidan” Pivcaev’s Sven, but fortunately, he was able to cast his Satanic to leech back health and his Flak Cannon ended the game by also dealing damage to the Ancient while was attacking Illidan.

Team Adroit’s Natsumi found an extra creep at the Neutral camp (SEA Closed Qualifier)

After claiming Aegis, John “Natsumi” Vargas did what any position one carry would do, continue farming. His first swing eliminated a lurking Treant Protector in one hit. That’s what happens when you stack all the damage from God’s Strength, Empower, Cleave, and Daedalus together.

Aster’s Xxs pulls off the 4-man Vacuum into Centaur Stomp (Chinese Closed Qualifier)

Lin “Xxs” Jing set up an incredible 4-man Vacuum followed by a Centaur Stomp which helped his team land all their ultimates, and take out all of EHOME’s heroes.

Six-Eight-Two’s Stampede and Reverse Polarity combo (European Regional Qualifier)

Six-Eight-Two was able to catch Aachen City Esports at the middle lane where they were able to use a pincer maneuver and herd four of the Radiant heroes together. Magnus was then able to pin them down with a Reverse Polarity.

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