The battle for Chinese Dota 2 supremacy raged on at the China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 2, when Vici Gaming defeated regional rival PSG.LGD in a slobber-knocker of a group stage match.

Going into the best-of-three match, both teams were tied for first place, having 3-0 series wins records. But Vici Gaming proved to be the better squad after taking an impressive Game 3 victory against PSG.LGD, with an incredible Snapfire performance from the team’s midlane player, Zeng “Ori” Jiaoyang.

With the series tied 1-1, Vici Gaming decided to utilize an experimental core lineup of Wraith King and Snapfire carry and midlane cores, together with an Io hard support. Meanwhile, LGD’s draft looked strong on paper, with Luna, Invoker, and Beastmaster as their cores, followed by strong area-of-effect supports Elder Titan and Jakiro.

Early on in Game 3, LGD was able to outmaneuver their opponents with multiple stuns and slows that caused VG to overextend. LGD then pounced on the isolated VG heroes and took control of the early team fights.

Credit: Australian streamer/caster umBerk

But during the 45-minute mark, LGD initiated a team fight that left Wang “Ame” Chunyu completely isolated. To make matters worse, LGD burned their buybacks when the team fight was clearly over already. This gave VG an immediate 10,000-gold lead. 

VG’s lead would eventually get out of hand as Ori’s Snapfire secured a Daedalus that completely shredded LGD’s heroes. And, once Ori was able to unlock the Snapfire’s level 20 and 25 talent tree abilities, LGD’s heroes quickly melted during team fights.

Ori finished Game 3 with an 18/4/17 KDA record, which gave Vici Gaming the top spot of the group stage with a 4-0 series record. Meanwhile, PSG.LGD fell to second place with a 3-1 round-robin record.

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