On October 2, Valve announced additional talents who will be appearing at The International 10. For the first time ever, the game developers included an official Portuguese broadcast.

TI0 in total will have five official broadcasts available for English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese audiences.

TI10 talent for the Portuguese broadcast

The Portuguese talents for TI10
Credit: Valve

The host’s job is to inform the audience of the upcoming matches, open discussion to the analysts, and keep the broadcast on schedule.

Portuguese hosts for The International 10

  • Rômulo “Haon” Capazzo
  • Fabio “Shaolin” Madia

Analysts on panel provide information on the teams, players, and lead discussions. Analysts will also serve as co-casters for some of the matches.

Portuguese analysts for The International 10

  • Taynara “Tay” Sousa
  • João “Aedrons” Hugo Carvalho
  • Guilherme “PDS” Pullin
  • Day “Flerya” Beregula Araujo
  • Alisson “Sherlock” Maximo
  • Hiago “Enoch” Schiavonni
  • Filipe “Astini” Astini
  • Guilherme “Guipepe” Tedesco
  • Paulo “Ace” Camerino
  • Matheus “Mentirinha” Ayala Batista

The commentator’s job is to explain to viewers what is happening during the game. They explain what the players are doing, and how the game is flowing. Rapping is an occasional bonus.

Portuguese commentators for the International 10

  • Kelsen “K13” Sales
  • Igor “Arjarath” Rodrigues
  • Renan “Warss” Moura
  • Tógo “Flytable” Menezes
  • José “Jasam” Almeida
  • Pablo “Kaxanga” Oliveira Franco Menin
  • Diego “dirmaoURSO” dos Santos Rodrigues
  • Marcio “Lil_kin6” Rodrigues

TI10 talent for the Spanish broadcast

Spanish talents at TI10
credit: Valve

The International 10 will include a Spanish broadcast.

Spanish hosts for The International 10

  • Andree “Ndree” Santillan

Spanish analysts for The International 10

  • Dimas “Er-Kratos” Romero
  • Leonardo “Mandy” Viana
  • Álex “Masoku” Dávila
  • Leonardo “MiHawk” Astete
  • Alberto “RoD” Polo
  • María “Tainim” García
  • Junior Reyes “Yadomi” Rimari

Spanish commentators for The International 10

  • Marco “Blue” Espinoza Oliveros
  • William “Caosfénix” Morera
  • Frank “Cutipo” Cutipa
  • Julián “Flapjack” Carbajal
  • Giulio “Giulio”Nuñez
  • Luis “Imperius” Cuadros
  • Aaron “Maverick” Gálvez
  • Rikardo “Mr Choco” Mendoza Mattos
  • Luis “Necca” Gómez
  • Andres “Patrick” Condori
  • Ramón “Swadow” López

If you want to find out more about how some of the teams made it to The International, check out the Heroes of the Game documentary presented by foodpanda.

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