Valve has released the second Hero Persona for Pudge to owners of The International 2020 (TI10) Battle Pass. Called the Toy Butcher, the new persona turns Pudge from a fleshy monstrosity to a fluffy little stuffed toy.

The Toy Butcher Persona is unlocked at Battle Pass Level 255 and gives Pudge an all-new model, animations, as well as a revamped voice performance befitting his new, squishy self.

Here’s a preview of what the Toy Butcher Persona looks like:

The Toy Butcher – Pudge Persona Preview

The Toy Butcher – Pudge Persona Preview — Also now available is the Voice of the International Announcer Pack. #TI10 #Dota2

Posted by Wykrhm Reddy on Thursday, August 20, 2020

In addition to the latest hero persona, the Voice of The International Announcer Pack has also been made available to all Battle Pass owners at level 75 and above.

Listen to the kill spree lines for the new announcer pack from Dota Cinema below:

The Pudge persona is the second of two hero personas that are expected to come with the TI10 Battle Pass, with the first one being the Disciple’s Path persona for Anti-Mage. The battle pass also features three new Arcanas, with the first two for Wraith King and Queen of Pain already available.

The most direct way to unlock all the new Arcanas and Hero Personas in the Battle Pass is to simply reach the prerequisite levels for the items. Make good use of the new features arriving with the TI10 Battle Pass such as the Guild system, Battle Gauntlet, Bounty Killing, and the Sideshop.

If you don’t have the time, don’t want to go through the grind, or simply have enough cash to throw around, then you can just buy your way to unlocking them all.

Start by buying the Level 100 Battle Pass Bundle for US$45 to reach Battle Pass Level 100 right off the bat. To quickly get to Battle Pass Level 575 and unlock all the Arcanas and Hero Personas, you’ll need to buy the 24 Battle Pass Levels Bundle — which costs US$10 — 20 times.

In total, you need to spend almost US$245 to get the TI10 Battle Pass and unlock all the Arcanas and Hero Personas without having to grind for free levels. As a bonus, buying your way there also unlocks a lot of the other features and goodies that the Battle Pass has to offer.

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