The Dota Pro Circuit 2021 started last week, and we now know how the best teams around the world are playing the 7.28b patch.

We’ve looked at the heroes with the highest win rates at each position across all six DPC regions to determine the best possible lineup.

Carry – Wraith King 

Picked 39 times, wins: 25 losses: 14 win rate: 64.1%

Wraith King is currently the reigning carry pick in almost all regions of the DPC, which is reflected in his incredible win rate percentage.

It’s very difficult to go up against the enemy team’s raid boss that has two, three, or even four lives, once he picks up an Aegis of the Immortal or Refresher Shard.

Wraith King is also the ideal hero to purchase a Divine Rapier with, because of his Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade which gives him an exit opportunity from team fights.

Midlane – Puck 

Picked 52 times, wins: 28 losses: 24, win rate: 53.8%

Out of all the heroes on this list, Puck is actually the highest picked hero in the Dota 2 meta right now with 52 picks in the last week.

As a midlaner, Puck is an extremely versatile hero that can control the pace of the game. Puck also has the tools to outplay enemy midlane heroes with her abilities. Additionally, Puck is a viable option in the late game stage, because of the hero’s level 25 talent that turns Waning Rift into an incredible damage-dealing ability.

Offlane – Mars 

Picked 44, wins: 23 losses: 21, win rate 52.2%

Mars is the perfect offlaner as he can be utilized from the very start of the match all the way to its end. He can solo his lane early in the game, then transition into the team’s counter initiator.

Mars can also force the enemy team to take bad team fights with his Arena of Blood ultimate, which in itself has a multitude of combo possibilities.

Support – Phoenix 

Picked 36 times, wins: 22 losses: 14 win rate: 61.1%

For the position 4 role, Earth Spirit actually had a higher pick rate, compared to Phoenix with 48 games. However, Earth Spirit is sometimes played in the midlane, and his win rate is much lower at 41.6%.

Meanwhile, Phoenix offers so much value to any team, can provide prolonged healing, and has incredible mobility to go through different levels of terrain. Phoenix also has an incredible Supernova ultimate that could change the outcome of a team fight.

Hard Support – Keeper of the Light 

Picked 30 times, wins: 16 losses: 14 win rate: 53.3%

The most contentious position is Hard Support, and a variety of different heroes show up here. Team captains often choose heroes that will work well with their hard carry in the same lane.

Having said that, we’ve noticed Keeper of the Light has been showing up more frequently lately in the hard support position.

Keeper of the Light can push the enemy creep wave easily and provide his carry neutral creep stacks to farm for later. In the late game, Keeper of the Light can also provide healing with his Illuminate, and an underrated crowd control spell with his Will-O-Wisp.

As the DPC 2021 season continues to progress, we wouldn’t be surprised if the meta takes a shift right before the first Major. But until then if you’re looking for proven heroes to play in your ranked matches, you can’t go wrong with the five heroes on this list. 

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