Prior to Amer “Miracle” Al-Barkawi’s instant Roshan kill, Vici Gaming was in complete control during the early stages of game four. The Chinese team won most of the team fights against Team Liquid, which helped build up a significant gold lead.

VG felt confident contesting the Dire top lane as they had a massive 45,000 gold lead. They immediately took out Miracle’s Arc Warden at the start of the fight, and then killed him again right after he bought back. But they failed to focus down his Tempest Double, which picked off Radiant heroes one by one and eventually earned an Ultra-Kill.

Liquid quickly rushed the Radiant base, where Aliwi “w33” Omar waited for Ding “Dy” Cong’s Warlock, who teleported back. Then W33 cast Dream Coil inside the Radiant fountain which gave him the high ground vision, and eliminated the final VG hero, which completed the insane comeback for Team Liquid.

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