OG’s Martin “Saksa” Sazdov displayed a masterful performance against Team Secret in an all-important regional league match during the DreamLeague Season 15 DPC Europe Upper Division.

Saksa’s MVP performance on Clockwerk in Game 1

In Week 4 of the DreamLeague Season 15 DPC EU Upper Division, OG outclassed Team Secret with a convincing 2-0 victory. Saksa pulled off some MVP level plays on Clockwerk that helped his team erase Team Secret’s 18,000-gold lead.

Saksa’s Clockwerk was the first hero to die during the game-deciding team fight, but he immediately bought back and repositioned himself outside of Team Secret’s line of sight.

Right when both teams decided to disengage, Saksa found the perfect angle to land Clockwerk’s Hookshot ultimate on Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat’s Mirana.

The Hookshot play created chaos and confusion on the side of Team Secret, which resulted in Lasse “Matumbaman” Urpalainen’s Bloodseeker getting caught out of position.

Outnumbered, Team Secret got zoned out of their Radiant Ancient. Saksa then landed the game-winning Hookshot that gave his team a 1-0 lead over Team Secret.

Saksa makes match-winning plays for OG with Lion

OG’s position 4 support player maintained exceptional play in Game 2 on Lion. This time, he was able to counter Team Secret’s wombo-combo attempts by disrupting his opponents with Lion’s Earth Spike and Hex.

Team Secret attempted to focus down the pesky support player during the late game clashes, but Johan “N0tail” Sundstein was able to keep his Lion alive with Dazzle’s Shallow Grave and Shadow Wave.

This small window gave OG the opening they needed to take down Matumbaman’s Slark. OG immediately rushed into Secret’s base and finished the match with a 2-0 victory.

OG’s win ties them with Team Nigma in third place in the DreamLeague Season 15 DPC Europe Upper Division.

They have two matches left to play, and will face Team Nigma on May 16 at 3:00 a.m. GMT+8, and Team Liquid on May 20 at 12:00 a.m. GMT+8. Watch them live on DreamLeague’s official Twitch channel.

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