Competition is getting fierce in the SEA upper division league as teams fight tooth and nail for one of two spots in the upcoming Major.

Don’t worry if you haven’t had the time to catch everything live. Here’s the full recap on what’s happened so far.

1. TNC Predator (3-1)

Comfortably leading the pack in the number one spot, TNC are poised to qualify directly to the playoffs of the next Major so long as they don’t drop anymore games.

The team has looked solid as of late with strong lanes and amazing teamfight coordination but have also fallen prey to experimentation, particularly Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte’s Outworld Destroyer versus Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon’s Medusa in game three vs T1 which they unfortunately lost.

As of now, TNC’s biggest threat is BOOM Esports who could look to take the series and threaten their Major qualification if they aren’t careful.

2. BOOM Esports (3-2)

What a time to be alive as a BOOM Esports fan. Tied for second place with Execration, the Indonesian squad has done well to redeem themselves after a disappointing season 1 performance.

Out of the top three teams, however, BOOM is the most volatile and still suffers from poor drafts from time to time which ends up losing them games. This isn’t to say BOOM is out of the picture yet but their upcoming game versus TNC will determine the possibility of whether or not Indonesia will be represented at the upcoming Major.

2. Execration (3:2)

After going through a huge roster change for season 2, plenty of eyes are now on Execration to be a potential Major contender alongside BOOM Esports.

Their standard no-nonsense approach to all their matches has paid off with a number of important wins secured under their belt whilst also keeping any potential cheese strats under wraps for future games.

Scheduled to play T1 and Lilgun next, the team can’t afford to drop a series if they want a chance at qualifying for the Major.

4. Omega Esports (2-2)

A dark horse from the Season 1 Lower Division league, Omega Esports has done well to keep up with the stiff competition. So far, Omega has relied on dominating then snowballing from the laning stage to secure their victories.

Though this may have worked against Lilgun and T1, fast-paced teams such as TNC and Execration easily dismantled Omega signature style. We haven’t seen Omega run any other style thus far which may hurt them in the long run now that teams are exposed to this information.

4. T1 (2-2)

At the moment, T1 look to be a bit of a mixed bag. Being the only team to take their series over TNC, you’d assume T1 would be on a hot streak themselves.

Sadly that just isn’t the case as they’ve also lost series to the likes of BOOM and Omega Esports.

This inconsistency will hurt T1 in the long run unless they can iron out their weak midgame before their next matchup against Execration. If they can sort things out before then, they may be within reach of their second Major for the year.

6. Fnatic (1-1)

Season 2 has not been kind to Fnatic who opened the season with two very lackluster performances against Execration and BOOM Esports. Even though they managed to nab the win over BOOM Esports, Fnatic looked way off their usual game with bizarre drafts and uncoordinated play.

They’ve only played two games thus far so we could be looking at a case where Fnatic will get better as they get more games in. At least I hope that’s the case.

7. OB Esports x Neon (1:2)

Compared to their dream run during Season 1, it looks like the competition are slowly starting to figure OB Neon out.

Their signature style from the Singapore Major just doesn’t quite work back in SEA since aggressive play is the norm here.

Not completely out of the picture yet, OB Neon will need to pull off a massive string of wins from here on out if they want to stand a chance to qualify for the next Major.

8. Lilgun (0-3)

Outclassed by pretty much every team competing in season 2 of the SEA upper division league, Lilgun will struggle to move beyond eighth place unless they’ve been hiding something from us the whole time.

Though they won’t have an opportunity to qualify for the next Major, Lilgun will have plenty of time to take their newfound knowledge here and prepare for TI qualifiers later on this year.

Week 4 Predictions

Omega 1 – 2 Fnatic

I’m on the fence with Fnatic but still decided to go with them for this series as I do believe they’ll make a come back from their slump. I don’t want to rule out Omega either as the team can look unstoppable at times if they snowball hard enough.

TNC 2 – 0 BOOM

Though BOOM have done well up until this point, TNC just look too strong an opponent for them to take on particularly on a good day. Both teams are aware of the importance of this series so it should be a good one to catch live.

Omega 1 – 2 OB.Neon

This is going to be a fiery series since both teams love to turn up the early game heat. I believe OB.Neon is the more polished team but Omega have proven to be solid contenders if allowed to play their style of DOTA.

Execration 2 – 1 T1

Execration have looked good thus far which will pressure T1 to be the ones to pull out all the stops. At times, T1 can be a little slow out the gate which might just be the opening Execration need to maintain their spot for the Major.

Fnatic 2 – 0 Lilgun

This is a series Fnatic should easily take regardless of their current form.

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