Week 2, Day 4 of the ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League showcased some incredible games to end the first half of the group stage.

Fnatic outclassed Reality Rift in the first match of the day to take the top spot in the standings. TNC Predator then pulled off back-to-back comeback wins over Neon Esports. Finally, BOOM Esports played the most exciting game of the tournament yet to sweep rivals Geek Fam.

Fnatic 2 – 0 Reality Rift

In the first game of the day, Fnatic totally shut down Reality Rift’s late game draft, which was headlined by Andrew “Drew” Halim’s Anti-Mage. Kam “Moon” Boon Seng’s Batrider, Djardel “DJ” Mampusti’s Void Spirit, and Anucha “Jabz” Jirawong’s Pangolier led Fnatic in relentlessly pressuring their opponents to secure their team an easy victory in game one.

Fnatic closed out the series with a four-protect-one lineup headed by an Alchemist for Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon. The team was able to give their carry complete freedom in the laning phase, which allowed 23savage to reach 1,100 gold-per-minute and quickly get six-slotted. With an unstoppable Alchemist bearing down on their base, Reality Rift had no choice but to accept defeat.

TNC Predator 2 – 0 Neon Esports

TNC opened the series with an Io-Gyrocopter combo for Park “March” Tae-won and Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte, while Neon stuck with their signature picks of a mid Earth Spirit for Erin Jasper “Yopaj” Ferrer and Riki for Andrei “skem” Ong.

TNC fell behind to Neon in the laning phase and early game team fights, but they were able to hold on until Gabbi’s Gyrocopter was able to outscale Neon’s cores and pick up a Divine Rapier. Despite their best efforts to defend, Neon’s midgame-centric lineup could do little to stop the Rapier-wielding Gyrocopter from giving TNC the comeback win in game one.

TNC had another impressive comeback win using the same Io-Gyrocopter lineup to secure the sweep. After Neon took a 12,000 gold lead, TNC once again pinned their hopes on Gabbi’s Divine Rapier-wielding Gyrocopter. Gabbi found that one Rapier wasn’t enough to seal the comeback, however, so he picked up another one to give TNC control of the game.

Neon looked to even the odds by having skem’s Slark get a Divine Rapier of his own. But Slark isn’t as strong as a Gyrocopter when both carries had Rapiers, so TNC was able to isolate him in the deciding clash and steal his Rapier away. With three Rapiers in their arsenal, TNC finished off Neon to take their first 2-0 victory of the league. Gabbi’s Gyrocopter finished game two with an absurd 20/2/12 KDA.

BOOM Esports 2 — 0 Geek Fam

The final series of the day featured the most exciting game of the SEA League yet. In game one, Geek Fam took a commanding 24,000 gold lead after Marc Polo Luis “Raven” Fausto’s Luna picked up a Divine Rapier that helped his team win multiple team fights.

Randy “Dreamocel” Sapoetra’s Anti-Mage followed suit and acquired a Rapier of his own right before Geek Fam laid siege to their base with Raven also wielding the Aegis of the Immortal. BOOM couldn’t stop their opponents from demolishing their barracks at bottom lane, but they were able to take Raven’s first life in exchange. Geek Fam decided to cut their losses and retreat, but Dreamocel seized that opportunity to take down Raven’s Luna and grab a second Rapier for himself.

BOOM promptly pushed into Geek Fam’s base, with Dreamocel continuing to mow down the opposing heroes in chaotic teamfights. Even as the rest of his team was being felled around him, Dreamocel’s Anti-Mage was able to take on the entire Geek Fam lineup by himself. That then allowed Saieful “Fbz” Ilham’s Tidehunter to land a clutch Ravage that gave BOOM the victory in 51-minute thriller. Dreamocel even finished the game with a perfect 14/0/5 KDA.

BOOM eventually won the series with another solid performance from Dreamocel, this time on the Queen of Pain. Rafli Fathur “Mikoto” Rahman’s Morphling may have struggled in the laning stage, but Dreamocel kept his team in contention with early game rotations that shut down Geek Fam’s momentum. This gave Mikoto enough time to catch up. And, once his Morphling made it to the top of the net worth chart, he would give BOOM complete control of the late game, which earned them the series win.

Fnatic, TNC Predator, and BOOM Esports moved up the group stage leaderboard after defeating their opponents. Meanwhile, Reality Rift, Neon Esports, and Geek Fam all failed to gain additional points in the group stage.

RankTeam NameW-T-LRecordPoints
2.NEW Esports3-2-08-211
3.BOOM Esports2-3-07-39
4.TNC Predator2-2-06-28
6.Neon Esports1-3-25-76
7.Reality Rift1-2-24-65
8.Geek Fam1-1-13-34
8.Team Adroit0-4-14-64

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