OG announced that their offlane player Sébastien “Ceb” Debs underwent a successful surgery, and will attend The International 10 with his team, competing in full force for the biggest prize in esports history.

OG are two-time defending champions at TI10, and Ceb is a big part of their victories. He serves as the team’s main motivator outside of matches and a key contributor during the drafting stage.

OG and BMWEsports release a video dedicated to Ceb

Ceb in his Documentary by OG and BMW
Credit: BMWEsports/OG

To celebrate the return of their offlaner, OG released a video detailing Ceb’s journey this year, including clips of his family.

The video, made with BMWEsports, shows glimpses into Ceb’s personal life. Born in a half Lebanese, half French family, Sébastien lived in Lebanon until 2006 when the war began and his family had to move.

Playing to be the best also means spending less time with his loved ones, something Ceb laments in the documentary, “Family means everything, these are the moments I live for. I hope one day to have more of these.”

The video also reveals details about the struggles OG faced playing online, and the mixed results of the last two years.

TI10 starts on October 7. Be sure to catch all the action live on Twitch.

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