The new Chest of Endless Days has some cool sets, including the first-ever set for the Kid Invoker persona.

But it’s a common set that’s drawing everybody’s attention. Be warned — if you want to have a good night’s sleep later on, make sure you have plenty of calming music and eyebleach to soothe the impending shock.

The new Nature’s Prophet Prolific Planter set will scare you in your dreams tonight

The Prolific Planter set itself is an interesting take on Nature’s Prophet. The humble farmer aesthetic actually fits the hero quite well, along with a couple of angry-looking tomatoes that will be swung at any offending enemies.

Perhaps with an accompanying yell: “Get off my farm!”

Dota 2 Chest of Endless Days Nature's Prophet
Credit: Valve

But the treants. Oh, the treants. Nature’s Prophet is a popular hero, with cosmetics often veering off into the wild side. We’ve got mushrooms, cute little bonsai trees, warrior coconuts, Venus flytraps, and whatever the hell this headless thing is. But this one might have gotten all of them beat.

Just… look at this thing.

Credit: Valve

The beady eyes. The prominent belly button. Leafy arms so horrendously comical that they veer straight into terrifying.

Look, even a Crystal Maiden, perhaps the purest-hearted of heroes, wants nothing to do with them.

Dota 2 Prolific Planter Treants size comparison
Credit: Valve

(These are greater treants. Actual ones aren’t as big, but just as horrifying.)

If you have a taste for these plump nightmares, they can be yours through the Steam Community market. Or, if you are a gambler, you can try your luck by purchasing a key to the Chest of Endless Days, which you can get via random drops or the market.

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