The ESL One Stockholm Major, the first Dota 2 LAN event with an audience in over two years, is finally here.

While us fans will marvel at the spectacle that is to come, players will be fighting tooth and nail for their share of the Major’s purse.

How much is the Stockholm Major prize pool?

Stockholm Major Power Rankings, Team Spirit's Yatoro and BOOM Esports' Yopaj
Credit: ONE Esports

The Major will have US$500,000 in prize money. Only the top eight teams at the Major will receive any — the rest of the teams will have to be satisfied with what they earn over the course of DPC 2021/2022 Tour 2.

Perhaps more important than the prize money, 3,530 DPC points are also on the table. Like the prize money, only the top eight teams will earn points toward their DPC 2021/2022 rankings.

At the end of three tours, the top 12 teams, regardless of region, will be invited to The International 2022. If teams miss out here, eight more slots will be available — through six qualifiers from each of the six regions, and two more from a last-chance wildcard qualifier that will gather the top teams that have yet to qualify for one more LAN.

Here is the distribution of money and DPC points for participating teams.

3rdTundra EsportsUS$75,000530
4thGaimin GladiatorsUS$50,000460
Thunder Awaken
7th-8thBetBoom Team
9th-12thTeam Spirit
Team Liquid
BOOM Esports
13th-14thEvil Geniuses
Mind Games

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