Over the past year, Entity has become not just one of the best teams in Europe, but the world — and carry Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko has been a big reason why.

Pure, formerly of Virtus Pro, has slowly made a name for himself as a position one player that’s capable of massive responsibility on ultra-hard carries like Terrorblade and Sniper, or pivoting to unconventional picks like Necrophos and Doom.

Throughout ESL One Malaysia 2022, he’s been showing his prowess with Pudge — with whom the 18-year-old has a 100 percent win rate — and this play against Talon Esports shows us why.

Pure’s prediction hook secures game for Entity at ESL One Malaysia 2022

Entity secured Pudge in the second game of their Group A series, picking him into two relatively tough counters against Bristleback and Timbersaw.

But the 18-year-old, to the tune of a 20/0/9 KDA, was barely affected. He pulled off one of the most audacious plays of the game 27 minutes in, where Talon was desperately trying to get any farm they could on Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon’s Bristleback.

With Entity’s own Invoker keeping tabs on the Bristleback pushing too far into their territory, Pure teleported into the bottom lane. Knowing that Io was likely in the vicinity of the Bristleback, Talon’s most important core, Pure decided to go for a predictive play.

Instead of using his Hook for more burst on the Bristle, he decided to fish for the Io in the dark. It turned out to be a perfect hit, grabbing Io right as the hero was attempting a Relocate-Tether to save 23savage.

It was the final nail in the coffin for Talon’s comeback chances. The European team rolled down the base, slowly taking down buildings — and picking up a few more kills — before cementing their victory over Talon.

Entity, building on an impressive campaign at the Arlington Major where they finished joint-fifth, have proved themselves as one of the top three teams in the group. Unfortunately, with a 6-4 record, they were only able to secure third behind Team Aster and Team Secret, and will begin their ESL One Malaysia playoffs run in the lower bracket.

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