Valve’s new competitive 2022 Dota 2 season continues with the DPC SA Tour 1 Division I featuring the top eight teams from the South American (SA) region.

Following Valve’s new DPC format, DPC SA Tour 1 Division I is the first Tour of the 2021-2022 Dota 2 season. 

The road to The International 11 (TI11) for the South American (SA) region begins on December 2, 2021, with stacked teams battling one another with refreshed rosters.

What is DPC SA Tour 1 Division I?

Dota 2 team NoPing e-sports
Credit: WePlay Animajor

DPC SA Tour 1 Division I is the first Regional League of the 2021-2022 Dota 2 season hosted by 4D Esports, primarily known for hosting the tournaments in the North and South America regions.

The top two teams from the tournament will qualify to the first Major of the 2021-2022 Dota 2 season, while the bottom two teams will be relegated to Division II in the following Tour. 

DPC SA Tour 1 Division I schedule and results

The new Thunder Predator for 2022
Credit: Thunder Predator

The Regional League begins from December 2, 2021, until January 23, 2022. The South American (SA) region’s matches are scheduled to take place from Thursday to Sunday.

DPC SA Tour 1 Division I schedule and results

1stThunder Predator14 — 17 — 0
2ndInfamous10 — 85 — 2
3rdbeastcoast10 — 64 — 3
4thKing of Kings9 — 84 — 3
5thLava8 — 83 — 4
6thHokori4 — 102 — 5
6thNoPing e-sports6 — 102 — 5
8thSG Esports3 — 131 — 6

Week one

December 2

Infamous0 — 2Thunder Predator

December 3

NoPing e-sports2 — 0Hokori
Beastcoast2 — 0King of Kings

December 5

Lava1 — 2King of Kings
Thunder Predator2 — 0Hokori

Week two

December 9

Infamous2 — 0SG Esports

December 10

NoPing e-sports0 — 2King of Kings
Beastcoast2 — 0Lava

December 12

Thunder Predator2 — 0SG Esports
Infamous2 — 1NoPing e-sports

Week three

December 16

Lava2 — 0SG Esports

December 17

Beastcoast2 — 0Hokori
Lava0 — 2Thunder Predator

December 19

Infamous0 — 2Hokori
SG Esports1 — 2King of Kings

Week four

January 6

Beastcoast2 — 0NoPing e-sports

January 7

Thunder Predator2 — 0King of Kings
Beastcoast1 — 2Infamous

January 9

Lava2 — 0No Ping e-sports
Hokori2 — 0SG Esports

Week five

January 13

NoPing e-sports2 — 0SG Esports

January 14

Infamous2 — 1Lava
Hokori0 — 2King of Kings

January 16

NoPing e-sports1 — 2Thunder Predator
Beastcoast1 — 2SG Esports

Week six

January 20

InfamousJanuary 21, 7.a.m GMT+8 | 3 p.m. PT | 11 p.m. GMTKing of Kings

January 21

Lava2 — 0Hokori
Thunder Predator2 — 0Beastcoast


6th-7th place

Hokori2 — 1NoPing Esports

3rd-4th place

Beastcoast2 — 1King of Kings

Format of DPC SA Tour 1 Division I

All eight teams participating in the Regional League will play best-of-three matches following a single round robin format, similar to last year’s Upper Division and Lower Division competitions.

Following the cancellation of the Winter Major, Valve announced that the top four teams of each region will participate in Regional Finals for a US$100,000 prize pool. The first team will get 250 DPC points, and the second team will get 130 DPC points.

DPC SA Tour 1 Division I prize pool and point pool

SG e-sports, South America Regional Qualifier, The International 10
Credit: SG e-sports

The Regional League will have a total prize pool of US$205,000, along with a DPC point pool of 690.

1stThunder PredatorQualifies to Winter Regional League300US$30,000
2ndInfamousQualifies to Winter Regional League180US$28,000
3rdbeastcoastQualifies to Winter Regional League120US$27,000
4thKing of KingsQualifies to Winter Regional League30US$26,000
5thLavaRemains in Division I for Tour 20US$25,000
6thHokoriRemains in Division I for Tour 20US$24,000
7thNoPing e-sportsRelegated to Division II for Tour 20US$23,000
8thSG eportsRelegated to Division II for Tour 20US$22,000

Teams competing in DPC SA Tour 1 Division I

All SA teams in DPC SEA 2021/22 Tour 1 Division I
Credit: CorruptDropbear

Returning to the DPC are the three SA teams that attended TI10, beastcoast, Thunder Predator, and SG Esports. They are joined by the region’s top teams NoPing e-sports, Infamous, and Hokori who are all from the Upper Division of the previous 2021 DPC season.

Lava and King of Kings were the top two performing teams from the Lower Division of the last 2021 DPC season who got promoted to Division I.

The eight South American teams competing in the DPC NA Tour 1 Division I

NoPing EsportsBrazil
Thunder PredatorPeru
SG EsportsBrazil
King of KingsPeru

Where to watch the DPC SA Tour 1 Division I?

DPC SA Tour 1 Division I broadcasters
Credit: 4D Esports

Dota 2 fans can watch the matches live on these official broadcast partner channels.

Epulze GamingEnglish
Dota 2 RU HubRussian
BTS Brazil TVPortuguese
4D EsportsEspañol

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