In Dota 2, we team up with unlikely allies at the cost of our sanity every time we press the “find match” button.

In DOTA Dragon’s Blood season 3, the process might be a bit more involved — but Terrorblade’s threat is worth any price.

The latest trailer for DOTA Dragon’s Blood Book 3, scheduled to begin August 11, shows an all-out confrontation between the characters we’ve grown to know and love in the series and Terrorblade. He’s been pulling the strings since the very beginning, and though his on-screen time might not be long, his impact has been undeniable.

The cast of DOTA Dragon’s Blood season 3 show off new powers against Terrorblade

With the ending of season 2 in mind, several characters received some boosts in their power levels — especially Mirana and Fymryn — which now border on godlike.

But titular character Davion might have a few more tricks up his sleeves. After all, he can transform into different forms of dragons in-game, instead of just Slyrak. In the show, he seems to be gaining an even more powerful ability — absorbing several dragon souls into a powerful hybrid knight.

DOTA Dragon's Blood Davion new form
Credit: Netflix

Regardless of the character, expect to see a massive boost in their power levels in the upcoming season.

But with so many questions still left unanswered, fans will hope that season 3 provides some satisfactory answers — and gives more time for each episode to breathe.

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