DOTA Dragon’s Blood season 2 is a fast-paced ride. But even the most thrilling of journeys have to end somewhere.

While book 2’s final moments brought an end to the Helio Imperium arc, it wasted no time pulling up plot threads for the next season. There are still a lot of stories left to tell, but for now, if you need to wrap your head fully around the Dragon’s Blood season 2 ending, here’s the ending explained.

Warning: Spoilers if you are yet to watch DOTA: Dragon’s Blood book 2.

DOTA Dragon’s Blood season 2 ending explained

How did Slyrak break away from Davion in the Dota anime?

DOTA Dragon's Blood Slyrak leaving Davion
Credit: Netflix

The question here, perhaps, isn’t really how, but why.

Slyrak was the one that imprinted his soul onto Davion. From what we know of Eldwurm physiology, their physical bodies decay, but their immortal souls survive by inhabiting the next older dragon of their type, according to the Dota anime creator Ashley Edward Miller.

Slyrak’s soul is intact and well, and with the help of the Eye of the Worldwurm, is now headed into Foulfell itself to battle with Terrorblade. Davion never really had a choice in the matter—it was all Slyrak’s doing. Dragon’s Blood season 2 ending meant we didn’t have a chance to see their battle, so hopefully, it’ll make its way to a potential book 3.

Mirana’s true self in the Dota anime

DOTA Dragon's Blood Mirana turning into the Sun, the Source of Creation
Credit: Netflix

Mirana has been running through titles in the Dragon’s Blood like Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen. First Princess of the Sun, then Princess of the Moon, and now God Empress of the Sun and Eye of the Worldwurm, Mirana is now arguably the most powerful character in the show.

That’s thanks to her “loyal” Viceroy Kashurra, who finally achieved his plan to draw out Mirana’s true strength at the cost of his own life—and many others.

She’s the latest incarnation of the Sun itself, the Source of Creation that even the Eldwurms—Pillars of Creation—bow down to. And who’s in charge of the Moon? Her former goddess, Selemene. Expect the two to clash yet again if a book 3 happens.

“Do you love me?”

DOTA Dragon's Blood Fymryn
Credit: Netflix

Netflix isn’t very kind to post-credit scenes. If you’ve watched all of Dragon’s Blood book 2 and missed the final post-credits scene, now might be a good time to go and catch up.

The end of book 2 is the direct opposite of book 1 for Selemene. In the first season, Invoker steals her power, drops her own life back at her, and leaves her a mere mortal. In book 2, however, she’s regained her godhood and now seeks to comfort—and manipulate—Fymryn, the person responsible for her ascension, no matter how accidental it was.

Now that we know Fymryn is the newest incarnation of Mene—according to Invoker, at least—a confrontation between the two characters seems all but inevitable. The post-credits scene is a little teaser to what should be an all-out war for the Nightsilver Woods.

Terrorblade’s machinations

DOTA: Dragon's Blood Terrorblade
Credit: Netflix

Terrorblade, the big bad of the show, took a backseat in book 2 when most of the action was centered on the Helio Imperium. But even then, he kept busy by destroying Dragon Hold, and making a deal with Invoker for seven Eldwurm souls.

Knowing how powerful Terrorblade is, even taking down the goddess Selemene with relative ease, he should become the most pivotal character for book 3. And with Invoker locking away the souls of the Pillars of Creation, Terrorblade might turn his eyes to something even more powerful—the Source of Creation herself, Mirana.

What’s next for book 3?

DOTA: Dragon's Blood Invoker
Credit: Netflix

Even with Dragon’s Blood season 2 ending — and the ending explained – the Dota anime takes no breaks on the plot train. There are several open threads that will hopefully be fully explored in the next season of Dragon’s Blood.

Slyrak and Terrorblade are due to have a big battle of their own, while Selemene and Fymryn’s conflict will likely determine who is the new goddess of the moon. And though the Helio Imperium arc is mostly settled, Mirana—along with Davion—will likely march upon the Nightsilver Woods for more answers, perhaps creating yet another conflict.

Through it all, Invoker remains a wildcard. His intersections with the main plotlines have been brief but impactful, but with the increasing threat of Selemene and Terrorblade, Invoker might not be able to watch from the sidelines for much longer.

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