With less than a week to go before The International 2019 (TI9) kicks off, Valve Corporation has released the second part of the aptly-named “Summer Scrub” update for Dota 2, featuring a ton of bug fixes and other quality-of-life additions.

The update features a new version of the customizable hero grid, which now lets players create multiple grid presets with unique layouts and categories. This will come in handy when you want to organize your heroes based on their roles or their strengths and weaknesses in different aspects of the game.

Another key redesign focused on an alternate layout for the in-game item shop. Now players can toggle between classic column view to a grid-style layout. The revamped shop still has the Basic and Upgrade sections while conveniently adding grouped sub-categories.

To improve the quality of matches moving forward, a ban wave targeting cheaters was also sent out as part of the update. This will get rid of bots and griefers that have long plagued Dota 2 pubs just in time for TI9.

Valve has also implemented quality-of-life improvements and other tweaks focused on minimizing hitches during teamfights and making certain hero ability effects easier to read at a glance. Some of these include a special tooltip presentation for Aghanim’s Scepter upgrades, custom overhead effects for when heroes are deniable, as well as vision, XP, and ability range indicators.

You can check the long list of bug fixes and other additions for yourself here.

The first part of the Summer Scrub update implemented a new experimental matchmaking ranking system, which removed both Solo and Party MMR and added role-based queuing.

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