For those who are hearing about it for the first time, Bot TI is a meme event where all of Dota 2’s heroes are thrown into a tournament bracket gauntlet to battle it out for the distinction of being Dota 2’s best bot.

The tournament is hosted by Beyond the Summit, and was originally created as filler content for their events. But after two years of exciting Dota 2 bot action, the stakes this year are higher than ever before.

Bot TI has four bracket quadrants, with each quadrant having around 30 heroes. Only four heroes will qualify into the final round of the tournament.

Format-wise, all matches are five-of-one hero versus five-of-another hero in a single teamfight, with all heroes set on the ‘easy’ skill level. There are three different rounds. The first is set at Level 5 with no times. The next round is set at Level 15 with a 10,000-gold budget and no neutral items. The last round will have all heroes maxed out at Level 30, a 20,000-gold budget, and one neutral item.

With that, here are the five best clashes we found from the first round of Bot TI 3.

5. Techies gang up on Weaver

Unfortunately for the Weaver fans out there, the hero decided to clump up and was melted by Techies’ Blast Off ability.

4. Phantom Lancer outduels the Chaos Knight

Phantom Lancer was able to outlast the Chaos Knight, thanks to his superior Illusory Phantoms.

3. Bloodseeker breaks Spirit Breaker’s spirit

Spirit Breaker’s 17% chance Bash wasn’t enough to kill the enemy Bloodseeker, who regained most of its health after each kill.

2. Centaur Warrunner dominates Kunkka

Centaur Warrunner’s Hoof Stomp, Retaliate, and Stampede combo absolutely wrecked all of the Kunkka’s, right at the start of the clash.

1. Broodmother outlasts Ember Spirit

What looked like an easy sweep for Ember Spirit turned into a ridiculous 1v5 win for Broodmother. After a lone Broodmother survived Ember Spirit’s Fire Remnant, Sleight of Fist, and Searing Chains combo, she then turned on her Insatiable Hunger ultimate and out healed five Ember Spirits with her vampiric attack.

For more BOT TI3 action, tune into Beyond the Summit’s Twitch channel until September 27.

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