The Four Angry Men (4AM) Chinese superteam overcame an embarrassing loss in their first match of the CDA-FDC Dota 2 Professional Championship to top their group and secure a second round berth in the event’s Playoffs.

4AM’s first match of the tournament and as a team came against a middling Royal Never Give Up (RNG) squad. Despite 4AM’s massive talent advantage, the series ended with RNG taking a 2-0 victory. It wasn’t close either, with the second game of the series ending in just 28 minutes and with a lopsided 28-3 kill score.

4AM had a couple of days off to mull on their disastrous debut, which seemed to have galvanized them as they won the rest of their group stage matches.

The first came against a solid EHOME squad, whom 4AM soundly defeated in 33 and 38-minute games where they led from the start. Next came an utter dismantling of Team MagMa, with the first game of the 2-0 series win for 4AM ending in just 16 minutes.

4AM topped Group A of the CDA-FDC Championship despite having a 2-1 tie with EHOME and RNG. The latter’s 4-3 game score pushed them to third place in the group behind 4AM and EHOME’s 4-2 lines, while the superteam earned the top spot over EHOME by virtue of winning their head-to-head.

4AM joins PSG.LGD, who cleanly swept Group B of the tournament, in earning direct seeds to the second round of the Playoff Upper Bracket.

4AM will face the winner of the first round matchup between EHOME and Invictus Gaming, while PSG.LGD will take on the winner of the other first round clash between Team Aster and RNG.

Both 4AM and PSG.LGD are expected to win their respective matches regardless of their opponents, which should set up a must-watch face-off in the Upper Bracket Final to see who is the top team in China.

The CDA-FDC Dota 2 Professional Championship will begin its Playoffs on October 27, with the tournament’s Grand Finals set for November 1.

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