Dota Underlords’ Open Beta is here, and you can now play it for free on Steam, or on your iOS or Android phone.

Valve’s version of the highly popular Dota Auto Chess custom game was launched last week, but limited as a preview for Battle Pass owners. The game features Dota characters as chess pieces, with players battling one opponent each round.

Players can also combine similar characters into stronger chess pieces, while also carefully managing their gold pieces, which are used to shop for more pieces and to level up. Leveling up lets you put more pieces on the board as well.

So far, Dota Underlords is doing pretty well with players, with 100,000 concurrent players so far, though currently, there are only 10,000 viewers compared to the 100,000 of Teamfight Tactics.

Be sure to check out our hands-on of the game for more info. You can download Underlords for iOS here and Android here. PC and Mac owners can get it on Steam here.

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