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Philippine radio and TV network GMA Network puts a spin on a classic anime series adored by many Filipinos.

On January 1, 2023, GMA released a full-scale trailer of Voltes V Legacy, a live-action adaptation of the Japanese anime, Chōdenji Machine Voltes V. The anime was a big hit in Filipino homes since its 1978 premiere on the same network.

The live-action series features young up-and-coming stars Miguel Tanfelix, best known for his lead role in drama series Nino, and Ysabel Ortega of What We Could Be.

Here’s everything you need to know about Voltes V Legacy, including details on its release date, story, and cast.

What is Voltes V Legacy all about?

Voltes V mecha in Voltex V Legacy
Credit: Toei, GMA Network

Produced by GMA Entertainment Group, Voltes V Legacy is an upcoming live adaptation of the mecha anime series, Chōdenji Machine Voltes V.

The story follows the Voltes Team, a group of five skilled teenagers trained to operate military vehicles that transform into a giant robot called Voltes V.

The team works alongside the Earth Defense Force to fight the Boazanians, an invading alien race armed with Beast Knights, mechas based on different animals.

Similar to the Filipino dub of the anime, GMA’s live-action adaptation uses localized names. Instead of the Goh family, the Armstrong family takes center stage, with brothers Steve, Big Bert, and Little Jon as the sibling pilot trio of Voltes V.

Release date of Voltes V Legacy

Voltes V attacking with sword in Voltes V Legacy
Credit: Toei, GMA Network

Voltes V will premiere on May 8 as part of GMA Network’s broadcast schedule.

Prior to its television debut, parts of the series will be shown in movie theaters from April 19 to April 25.

Characters and cast of Voltes V Legacy

Here’s the full list of characters and the actors that play them in Voltes V Legacy:

Steve ArmstrongMiguel Tanfelix
Robert “Big Bert” ArmstrongMatt Lozano
“Little Jon” ArmstrongRaphael Landicho
Mark GordonRadson Flores
Jamie RobinsonYsabel Ortega
ZardozMartin Del Rosario
ZandraLiezel Lopez
ZuhlEpi Quizon
DracoCarlo Gonzales
Commander RobinsonGabby Eigenmann
Dr. HookNeil Ryan Sese
Dr. Richard SmithAlbert Martinez
123rd Boazanian emperorCarlos Siguion Reyna
Emperor Zambojil (124th emperor)Christian Vasquez
General OzlackNico Antonio
Mary Ann Collins ArmstrongCarla Abellana
GarthJamie Wilson
Hrothgar / Ned ArmstrongDennis Trillo
RosaliaMax Collins
ThomasJamir Zabarte

You can check out the official extended trailer down below:

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